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Google Nexus 4 is now available on Amazon

Google has faced a lot of shortage issues with the Nexus 4 stock and once they put it online on the Play Store, it takes only a few hours for it to go out of stock again. This problem has been for over a month and it seems like they are simply not able to manufacture enough units.

Fortunately for some, the Nexus 4 is now available on Amazon, though there’s also a limited stock and the prices are quite high, compared to Google’s own Play Store.

The 8GB version is priced at $549 and can be ordered here, while the 16GB one will cost you $635 and you can order it here. The devices are unlocked, which means they aren’t sold by Amazon Wireless, which is their division for carrier-locked smartphones.

Unfortunately Amazon is selling the Nexus 4 at a ridiculously high price, asking $250 more than Google. The Google Nexus 4 can be ordered from the Play Store for only $299, though it proved to be pretty hard to get your hands on it due to stock issues.

We watched the Amazon website for a while now and it seems like soon they going to run out of devices, so you have to act fast if you are willing to pay nearly double the price for it.

Google has been really successful with the Nexus 4, but they really didn’t do a good job with the manufacturing process and it seems like they are not able to increase production. And while this happened to all manufacturers, I remember that Google clearly specified this as one of the most important reason they choose their partners for. So they picked LG because they are able to build many units at this time of year, but they actually proved the opposite. I would love to read a press release from the Nexus team about this issue.


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  • Faf Girald

    Amateurish command of the English language, doesn’t know whether to call the device a Nexus 4 or a Nexus 7. Dude, it’s a NEXUS 4! The Nexus 7 is the TABLET! Geesh, you guys are worse than PopHerald. You guys are like a cross between WWE superstar Damien Sandow and the Engrish website.

    Lots of love,

    Johnny Engrish

    • Wow! That was a total mess and I’m very sorry for it. We have fixed the mistakes and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    • Setting aside the fact that numerals like “4” and “7” have nothing to do with the English language, are part of the Arabic number system and are used in almost every language on Earth?

  • Han Cnx

    Or, why would it not be intentional? $299 really is a lot lower than anything else out there of comparable spec. So why not let a couple units trickle out at that price to drive everyone into a feeding frenzy. Win.

    • Yeah, that’s also possible, though I’m not very sure it’s the case here. Google is quit new at this and they might have just did something wrong.

  • Soe

    Can we copy songs, videos, and photos from a computer to this phone using USB cable? Google’s user manual as of 12/09/2012 update on USB worries me.