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Google Nexus Tablet Release Date Delayed to July

Everybody has been expecting the Google Nexus Tablet for May, but some sources indicate that there have been some issues with the device which may delay the release date.

It seems like Google wants to change the tablet’s design and specifications and also lower its current price tag of $249, while some previous reports noted a price of $199 and even $149. The Nexus tablet might come with some of the best components available, including the all-new Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core CPU, though nothing is certain yet.

Google’s tablet will probably lack a 3G data connection and feature a 7-inch 720p Super Amoled HD display. It will be produced by Asus and its main competitor will be Amazon with their Kindle Fire. Google will probably try to beat their pricing or at least match it and this is one reason to believe the reports.

The Nexus Tablet will probably come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, though chances are Google will use it to release their new Android 5.0 codenamed Jelly Bean. And while the sources indicate that its unlikely to come with Jelly Bean, it could be the actual reason of the delay.

Google has partnered with HTC, Samsung and now Asus, though others are now applying to license OEM devices, considering that the Galaxy Nexus has been really successful.

Some rumors say that Apple might jump the wagon too with a 7.85-inch iPad mini, though we’ve seen it multiple times with the iPhone mini rumors which¬†every time¬†proved to be untrue.