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Google plans to Monitor your calls to Serve you Ads through the Ad Whisper Program

The Google AdSense program is a very good way for websites to make some money, but they want to take that concept and adapt it to phone conversations. In other words, Google wants to monitor your calls with a so called Ad Whisper program which basically does the same thing as AdSense, it analyzes the words you are saying and selects keywords like “it’s so cold outside” and then whispers something like “New affordable coats at Adidas”. All of these are done automatically  and while you are having the conversation or after you finish the conversation.

I think this is outrageous and I’m totally against this Ad Whisper program, but that’s not all, they’ll also want to monitor the pictures you take, send them to one of their many servers, analyze them and then send you ads based on the picture you just took.

We don’t know if Google’s “Advertising based on environmental conditions” patent will come to life (I hope not), but we do know that Google is trying new ways to make money via these outlandish advertising ideas because of a little alliance Bing, Yahoo! and AOL are preparing.

If Google continues with this Ad Whisper program and really wants to put it in practice, I only have four words to say “You shall not pass!”.