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Google Play Games 2.0 Update Adds Refreshed Inbox, Level-Up Notifications and UI Improvements

Google Play Games service has reached the 2.0 version and it comes with several new tweaks and improvements that will enhance your Android gaming experience.

Check the Play Store app on your device and see if there is a brand new software version ready for download. Since this update is rolling out in phases you might not get it today, but it should soon be released by Google in your region. If you don’t want to wait until Google pushes the 2.0 version of Play Games where you are located at the moment, then you should download the APK file at the end of this post.

Google Play Games 2.0 adds the following changes: level-up notifications, new Play Now card where you can view the XP level and how much is there left before you level up, XP rankings, UI changes like the inbox page that now features quests, gifts and invitations. There are tons of other great small tweaks and should improve the overall interface of Play Games service. Help & Feedback button can now be used from the app’s interface. The ‘My Games’ menu had its interface improved for better access and functionality.

The ‘Shop’ menu isn’t shown on the hamburger menu as it has been moved to ‘Explore’ section as a tile. The whole ‘Play Now’ menu has been refreshed along with the ‘My Games’ section. In My Games you will get to see that the ‘All’ section now features smaller tiles and it displays way more titles than before.

In case the new Google Play Games 2.0 hasn’t made its way to your region at the moment, then you can choose to get its APK file and apply the update manually.

Download Google Play Games 2.0 APK from here or here. After the file is downloaded on your device you will simply have to launch the APK and then confirm the installation. Wait until all the files are installed with success, after that you should launch Google Play Games and check all the new changes.