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Google Play Music and All Access Service Live in Sweden, Norway, Greece and Slovakia Starting Today

The Google Play Music & All Access released in four new countries across Europe and you can install it starting today. More European countries should follow soon, if Google manages to sort out all the international music copyrights contracts, for users to be able to legally purchase and download artist’s songs and albums.

So, the countries that got the Google Play Music and All Access starting today are as following: Norway, Sweden, Slovakia and Greece. Note that the content for each country differs and, at first, you will only get the 30-day trial subscription. That’s enough time for you to correctly asses whether you will buy or not a full monthly membership.

In Norway and Sweden you will need to pay 79 kroner per month if you want to use the fully functional application, while in Greece you have to pay 7.99 Euros, in Slovakia a payment of $4.49 payment is required. There is no word on the discounted price set for Slovakia, but it seems like this might be the cheapest monthly subscription fee set by Google.

All the Play Music and All Access contents is different from one country to another one, so you shouldn’t expect to find the same music or albums that are currently only available in the United States.

Get your first Google Play Music and All Access account right away if you’re from Norway, Sweden, Slovakia or Greece.