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Google Play Revenue Grows, But Still Far From Expectations

One of the problems of the Android platform is its attractiveness for app developers, while the iOS rival platform is bringing them more consistent income. According to the data centralized by App Annie, a leading mobile software market analysis firm that follows 180,000 applications from 24,000 developers, 2012 marks a significant increase in revenue from Android apps.

IOS platform is still the leader of the industry, the revenues from this platform being almost three times bigger than the ones resulting from Android’s Play Store. But when analyzing trends throughout the past year, Android seems to become increasingly attractive for software developers.

If at the end of last year, the revenue ratio between iOS and Android was approximately 3.5:1, which is much higher than in January, when iOS dominates Android by nearly 10:1. According to App Annie, total App Store revenues grew about 75 percent over the year, while Play Store has made a spectacular leap of about 650%. This trend is encouraging not only for software developers but also for users who will enjoy more attention from them.

Highest increases were registered in South Korea, Japan and the United States, where they originated about 70 percent of total revenues in December, while the rest of the world is content with a modest 30 percent share. Of this total, 76% of revenue came from games, the most avid consumers the South Koreans, they preferred 95%.

This situation improved for Android users is far from ideal. As noted above, Apple users generate 3.5 times more revenue for software producers than Android users, but the latter are almost the same report more numerous than the first. The conclusion is that although purchases made by Android users are increasing gradually, they buy much less software than iOS users and Android attractiveness still has a long way to go.