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Google Play Store 4.0 Makes Cameo, Babel Name Confirmed on Google Plus

Google I/O 2013 is scheduled to debut mid May and, according to the rumors, it will bring the next-gen Nexus 7, the new Android release, unofficially dubbed Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, and new Google+, Google Play, Gmail and Google Maps applications. Regarding the Google Play Store, we knew a new version is around the corner and now we even get to have a look at its new design.

Learn that a Google Play 4.0 preview leaked on the profile of a YouTube employee, but it was rapidity deleted. We are dealing with a new design that makes use of the Holo UI, which is very clean and very well organized. In the picture above you can see a interface that is not based on huge pictures and categories that take up a lot of space, but on a more discreet approach.

The pages for each segment, whether it’s Books, Games, Apps or Movies, will now have a header with a featured apps (or more if a swipe gesture will allow the users to switch between them), while in the bottom end of the display you will find a list of titles.

Another Google leak confirms the existence of Babel, the new chat service of the search engine giant, which might unify Google + Messenger, Google Talk, Hangouts, and Drive Chat.

This year’s Google I/O conference will definitely be interesting and I am also expecting Google Glass and Chrome presentations.