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Google Play Store 4.6.16 Update Available for Download, Brings Batch App Install & More

The Google Play Store has been updated to version 4.6.16 and it does come with a lot of new features, UI improvements and security enhancements. This is a really major update and we’re going to show you every new feature of it.

If you didn’t receive the update yet, then we suggest you to download the Play Store 4.6.16 apk and install it manually, because you’ll definitely enjoy the new features. If you want to download the apk, then go to our dedicated page here.

Batch app install

One of the best improvements is the ability to batch install apps. You can now go to My apps, select the apps you want to install and press the Install button once. It simplifies this job very much, especially when you get a new smartphone and you have to reinstall everything.

Head over to My apps to check the new feature.

App removal and Require password

The option to remove apps from My apps works much better now. Until now the scroll would go to the top after you removed an app, but now it keeps its position, which makes it much easier to remove apps.

The Require password feature now allows you to set it to require the password everytime you do a purchase. Until now you were only able to set it for once every 30 minutes. This is very useful for kids, because they could buy apps or make in-app purchases without your consent, if you entered the password in the past 30 minutes.

User interface changes

The Settings and Help buttons have been moved to the main navigation panel, which means you don’t have an extra menu for them now.

The Auto-add widgets option has been renamed to Add icon to Home screen, which is more clear, because it wasn’t only about widgets.

The app permission screen now tells you if the app comes with in-app purchases, which was probably forced by the previous lawsuits and EU’s intention to ban such apps.

Play Games and the multi-user selector have been changed a bit and they look better now.