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Google to Launch an Android-powered Smartwatch

After a lot of rumors saying that Samsung and Apple are developing their own smartwatches have made it into the news, a new report indicates that that Google too wants to penetrate the smartwatch market by installing it’s mobile operating system on a wrist accessory.

Unlike Google Glass, the augmented reality glasses, that are developed within X Lab, the place where the boldest ideas of the Mountain View-based company are born and tested, the Google smartwatch is developed by the Android division of the search engine giant.

Google owns a patent for a dual-screen smartwatch with interactive control interface since 2011, and the reports claiming that the Android division is currently working around the clock at the Google smartwatch project, hints that we might actually see this product hitting the market ahead of Google Glass.

It’s worth mentioning that Motorola, now a Google subsidiary, has developed a smartwatch a couple of years ago. Motoactv was based on a Texas Instruments OMPA3 processor clocked at 600 MHz, had 256 MB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, GPS, and a customized version of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread that came pre-loaded with apps that were monitoring various sport activities and an audio player.

The journalists at Financial Times where the ones to unveil Google’s attempt to penetrate the smartwatch market, but, for the time being there are no details regarding the release date of the new product.

Would you be tempted to purchase a Google smartwatch or you are finding it a worthless product? Express your feelings in the comments section.