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Google to Release SDK for Android Smart Wearables in Two Weeks

Google’s head of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, who attended SXSW Interactive tech fair, made an official announcement: Google will release the SDK for Android-powered smart wearables.

The aforementioned Google representative said that, in about two weeks, the Mountain View-based phone maker will release the SDK for those who want to develop smartwatches, smart bands, or any other Android-powered accessories. Even though Pichai didn’t mention what smart wearables will be released by Google in the near future, he said that some time, even the coat we wear will be full of sensors and run Android.

Sundar Pichai said though that Google’s own smart wearables must first be tested, then presented to third-party manufactures, before they will be effectively launched on the market.

For what it’s worth, the rumor mill speculates that Google will introduce its own Nexus smartphone (which will reportedly be manufactured by LG) in the fall, when the Mountain View company is also expected to announce it’s next-gen Nexus smartphone, the unofficially dubbed Nexus 6.