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Google Patents Camera Technology That Uses Weather Information

The mobile devices with internet access and GPS module are no longer something out of ordinary, therefore, Google thought to use them to improve the camera app of the smartphones running on their mobile operating system. The Mountain View-based company has patented a technology that is capable of improving the quality of the photos taken with a smartphone’s camera, based on the weather conditions which can influence its performances.

Until now, the GPS module had no other utility for the camera than to add in the photo’s EXIF the location coordinates, in order to allow the user to sort his images based on the location where they were taken. But it seems that the Google engineers have found a new duty for the GPS module; it can be used to enhance the performance of the smartphone cameras.

More precisely, Google wants to use the GPS coordinates and the internet connections in order to receive a personalized weather forecast, relevant for the user’s location and day moment, which will automatically adjust the camera in order to take photos at an optimal quality. With the new technology, the owners of Android-powered smartphones and tablets will be able to take better photos in cloudy weather, the white balance and color saturation being adjusted automatically to the ideal values. The parameters list that can be customized depending on weather also includes color tones, clarity and contrast.

Besides pictures, the procedure described in the patent submission can also be applied to video recording, or video calls performed using front-facing cameras.

Of course, while the new Google patent gives us some clues about the features the search engine giant wants to include in the future generations of Android smartphones and tablets, it doesn’t reveal the release date, nor being a warranty that the invention presented by Google will ever see the light of day.