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Google / Motorola X Phone Photos With AT&T Branding Leaked

While we still don’t know when the Google X Phone is going to be released, rumors about the company’s new smartphone keep on coming on a regular basis. This time a couple of photos are surfacing the web featuring a Motorola device that carries the AT&T brand, which seems to be the X Phone.

Even though neither Google or Motorola have officially confirmed the handset, the X Phone has been a much debated subject over the past few months.

These latest pictures come from a well-known leakster, @evleaks, and they are featuring a handset which at first glance looks very familiar. In case you don’t remember, a while ago (just before the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled) a Motorola smartphone was spotted in Vietnam, which looked very similar to the one showed by today’s images. The company never confirmed that device. Back then it was rumored that the handheld was an early X Phone prototype, rumor which has not been confirmed by any of the two companies, but if we add these new pictures it all starts to make more sense.


Anyway, the photos are showing a Motorola smartphone that features the AT&T mobile operator branding, but we can’t analyse the phone’s overall design because it’s protected by a black case. Manufacturers usually do that when they are working on a new product in order to hide its appearance from meddling eyes.

The leakster has also posted an additional image that features the back side of the device, but unfortunately it’s kind of blurry and we can’t distinguish anything written on it. However, the leakster refers to it as “XFON ATT”. Actually, the AT&T branding makes sense because a previous reports says that the Motorola X Phone will be sold exclusively by the mobile operator in the United States, at least in the first months after it’s release date. Nevertheless, this is just a supposition and things could be different when the Google X Phone will be launched.


Returning to the images, it’s very interesting to see that the Motorola logo located on the left top corner of the handset is not the same in all the photos. Yes, they seem to be similar, but why not identical as we’re looking at the same phone, after all, only in different images. From here we can only speculate that the Motorola button is in fact a button that does God knows what. If I can recall, the same report that suggested that the first mobile operator to sell the Google X Phone would be AT&T, also claimed that the device will come with some sort of intelligence feature. Maybe, the logo/button has something to do with that.

The same manufacturer logo is featured by the phone in the Vietnamese leak as well, but the symbol is arranged differently. Clearly we have a lot of questions, and will probably get the right answers, but we’ll have to wait until Google or Motorola will actually confirm the X Phone.

A certain thing is that Motorola is working on a new device, whether it will be named X Phone or not. Plus, the handset featured in the image leaked in Vietnam seems real enough, and it was spotted in a video as well several weeks ago. And that device seems very similar to the one we’re talking about today.

There will surely be more rumors about the Motorola X Phone until the device will be announced, probably in August according to previous reports. Even though it is said that the X Phone will not be a flagship, it seems that the smartphone is already pretty appealing to the possible customers. And considering that the phone will be a result of the Google – Motorola partnership, only good things can happen.