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Google X Phone to Bring Long Battery Life and Shatterproof Case

Google acquired Motorola last year and all the Android fans were drooling for the first terminal co-developed by the search-engine and the US-based phone maker.

Now, almost a year away from Motorola acquisition, the super-smartphone is still nowhere to be found. On the other hand, Google is bragging that in the spring of 2013, Motorola will introduce an “important” product. It might actually be the rumored X Phone that made the headlines in late 2012. An X Tablet might see the light of day as well, wearing the Motorola logo.

Google I/O conference is set to debut on May 15th and the rumors are indicating that this will be the perfect moment for Motorola to reveal its X Phone. Moreover, some new info about the alleged Motorola super-smartphone surfaced a couple of days ago.

Larry Page, Google CEO, said that the battery life is a the biggest problem of the modern smartphones, which is nothing but the truth, given that the latest high-end smartphones can’t stay awake more that a day. Therefore, we can speculate that the battery life will be a priority for the X Phone and Motorola has some experience in the business. You probably remember the Droid RAZR Maxx, the battery-friendly model developed by the US-based company.

The same Google official suggests that X Phone might boast a case that is indeed shatterproof. Ceramics are a solution, which was also present in some rumors about Galaxy S4.

Wireless charging might also be a feature of the X Phone. Nokia already adopted this standard, as well as the Nexus 4, Google’s latest dev smartphone.

As about the highly-anticipated X Phone, rumor has it that it’s arrival is less than four months away and I am sure that more leaks will occur until then.