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HALO Project from Paranoid Android Goes Open Source, Will Be Available for Other ROMs, Too

Many Android-device users who are not happy with their default software often choose to install knew ones made by various Android custom ROM developing teams. One of the most recent and popular software is the HALO project, which is developed by the guys at Paranoid Android. For those of you who like HALO, but just don’t want to install a Paranoid Android ROM, we have good news.

The people who have created HALO and the Paranoid ROM have just stated that they are going to make software available as an open source project meaning that other Android developers will have the possibility to tweak HALO and integrate it into their own builds.

Besides that, the developing teal wanted to remind us that the HALO project is still in beta and it still doesn’t have full support for TabletUI and PIE. However, they believe that the software is at a stage that cam be released.

In case you still don’t know what the HALO project is, it’s basically a code that lets you use floating notifications. To make you understand better, it’s kind of similar to the Facebook Home “Chat Heads”. Nevertheless, there is a big differences between the two codes. While the Chat Heads is working just with Facebook Messenger, HALO will function with basically all the apps that you might have installed.

This is the most important piece of information coming from the developers, but it’s not the only one as the guys at Paranoid Android have also announced that the code will be merged into their main branch.

In case you are interested in finding more about HALO becoming open source, you can check it out on the Paranoid Android Google+ page.

This is very good news because people will have the possibility to use the HALO features on other custom ROMs, not just the ones coming from Paranoid Android. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment in the section below.

  • ReVAmP rapper

    It would be awesome if stock android users could get it as well.

    • ReVAmPisRetarded

      You’re an idiot. It would also be awesome if my Toyota had a Ferrari engine in it… and would cook me breakfast. What do you possibly expect? That is the entire reason for trying custom ROMs. God, your complete lack of rational thought hurts my head.

      • IDon’tLikeSmartAsses

        Calm down dude, quit being a smartass. There’s nothing wrong with what he said. Maybe you should use YOUR rational thinking and also realize that these developers don’t make their products open source so that people can just continue flashing but also to inspire Google and other developers to publish something like this as well. Why not? if I had a nexus I would love to have an app of some sort that can emulate these features too…

        • ReVAmP rapper

          That was exactly what I meant. That Google should learn something from these developers. Apparently some people don’t get the point. But I’m retarded now, so what do I know. Anyway, thanks.

      • ReVAmP rapper

        What you said was just stupid. You can put any engine into any car you want as long as it fits. Just like Google can put other features into stock android if enough people like it and they have the ability. This isn’t apple…. And your complete lack of respect to others hurts my head. Apparently your dad didn’t teach you manners. But, no harm no foul. Have a lovely day hater.