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How to Hard Reset Galaxy Ace 4 in a minute or less

Have you managed to soft brick your Galaxy Ace 4? Or, maybe you want to buy / sell the Ace 4 and you want to wipe the data from its system? Well, in that case you should learn how to complete a hard reset / factory reset operation. This is a basic Android operation that might be useful in various situations, thus you shouldn’t hesitate and following the guidelines from below. Hard resetting your Galaxy Ace 4 is an official process that is in built on the Android firmware, so you have nothing to worry about – you will not have to use complex or risky software.

As mentioned, this operation is a basic Android procedure that should be learned by any Android user, whether we are talking about newbies or advanced users who are thinking in tweaking their smartphone. Of course, along with the factory reset process you should also know how to enter recovery mode and download mode on your Galaxy Ace 4, these being similar and complementary procedures. Now, during the guidelines from below I will try to detail the hard reset operation and finally I will show you two easy and safe to apply methods that will smoothly work for your Samsung Galaxy Ace 4.

Why should you learn how to factory reset your Galaxy Ace 4? Well, mainly because this operation can fix or troubleshoot several soft related issues. The issues that I am talking about might be caused by custom or unofficial procedures such as gaining root access, installing a custom recovery mode, updating with a custom ROM firmware, overclocking, installing a custom kernel, removing bloatware and so on. So, for example, by making a hard reset you will be able to resolve problems such as boot loop errors, alerts, lags, bugs, force close errors, battery drain issues and much more.

At the same time, factory resetting your Android smartphone is a must when thinking in selling your device to your friend or to another person. The same operation should be performed after buying an already used Galaxy Ace 4. Do that because your personal data, info and accounts shouldn’t be shared with anybody else – basically by completing the hard reset, you will erase everything from your phone’s internal storage memory and you will restore your handset to its initial state.

Therefore, if you are trying to fix issues, before doing anything else backup your data or else you will lose everything that you might need afterwards. In that matter you can download and install backup and restore apps from Google Play, or use cloud services for saving your contacts, call logs, text messages, market apps, internet settings, EFS, images, videos, audio files and even the current ROM – by making a Nandroid backup (if on your phone a custom recovery image is being installed).

It is important to check the battery status of your Galaxy Ace 4 before heading towards the steps from below. If the power left is less than 50% you need to plug in the charger. If your device gets turned off during the hard reset, it might also get bricked, so be careful and try not to mess things up.
Good; that’s all you need to know about the hard / factory reset process. So, let’s see how to complete the same.

How to Hard Reset Galaxy Ace 4 in a minute or less

Factory reset by using software method

  1. From your Galaxy Ace 4 tap on “menu”.
  2. Then go towards “settings” and select “User and Backup”.
  3. Select the “factory reset” option.
  4. Confirm that you want to complete this operation.
  5. Wait while the data is being erased automatically.

Hard reset using hardware buttons

  1. Turn off your phone: press power button and select “power off” or press and hold power key for about 5 or 6 seconds.
  2. Enter recovery mode on your Android device.
  3. From recovery select “wipe data factory reset”.
  4. Optional: you can also select “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache” if you want to apply a full wipe.
  5. Wait while the data is being erased.
  6. In the end, from main menu of recovery select “reboot system now”.
  7. Done.

Congratulations; you have successfully completed the hard reset / factory reset operation for your Samsung Galaxy Ace 4. If you had encountered problems while trying to apply the guidelines from above don’t hesitate and point it all out during the comments field from below – we will assist you as soon as possible. Also, stay close for further step by step guides compatible for your Samsung Galaxy Ace 4.

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