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How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Knowing how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a must have. Why? Well, the reasons are actually numerous, but we will describe the main motifs why you should learn how to hard reset your Android smartphone during the guidelines from below. Moreover, I will show you several methods to apply on your Galaxy Grand 2 in order to easily achieve a factory reset, so as you can see, you have all the reasons for checking out this dedicated step by step tutorial.

Making a hard reset might be essential even though you will lose all of your data while performing this operation. Usually, the hard reset process is being required when you are having problems with your Android smartphone. So, in our case, if you can’t use your Galaxy Grand properly, you might try to resolve the issues by applying a factory reset procedure. These problems might refer to the following aspects: your Galaxy Grand might run with lags, there might be bugs in the system (after applying a new Android update), your device might get stuck in a boot loop, you might not be able to get pass the recovery mode menu, you can’t turn off or on your smartphone, you are getting force close errors and so on.

Well, as I have already pointed out, all these problems can be fixed with a hard reset. Moreover, a factory reset is recommended when you want to sell your phone or if you want to buy the Galaxy Grand 2 from your friend. In that case, erasing the data is a must have. So, basically, here is how the hard reset operation works: each Android device can be returned to its initial or default state by using some in built features dubbed as factory or hard reset. With this operation everything that’s saved on the internal storage memory of your device will be wiped out, the same being applied for the internal system of your smartphone.

So, that’s why, if there are bus, lags or any other issue, you can remove the same by applying a hard reset. Thus, mainly the factory reset operation is recommended for those who want to fix their bricked Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 without taking their phones to service, where the technical assistance might be quite expensive – especially if you have bricked your handset while performing an unofficial operation such as gaining root access, unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery image, flashing a custom ROM firmware, installing a custom kernel and so on.

As mentioned several times until now, by completing the hard reset you will lose everything that’s saved on the internal storage memory of your Galaxy Grand 2. So, because of that, the best will be to make a backup – only if that’s possible (if you can still use your phone normally) for saving everything that’s important for you and everything that you might use afterwards. So, don’t hesitate and use compatible backup and restore apps from Google Play in order to store your contacts, call logs, market apps, EFS folder, text messages, internet settings, personal data, info and accounts and so on.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Make a hard reset using hardware buttons

  1. Enter your Galaxy Grand 2 in recovery mode.
  2. From there select “wipe data factory reset”.
  3. Wait while the factory reset is being completed.
  4. Also, if you want, you can also select “wipe cache partition”.
  5. In addition choose “advanced” and pick “wipe dalvick cache”.
  6. In the end, return to main menu of recovery and select “reboot system now”.

Make a soft hard reset

  1. Take your phone and hit menu.
  2. Then tap on settings.
  3. Go to backup and factory reset.
  4. Choose factory data reset and pick erase everything.
  5. Wait while the hard reset is being completed.
  • Do note: on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 the hard reset can be applied in an easier way by entering *2767*3855# on the dial screen.

That was it. So, good job, you have learned how to easily make a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. Now, you know how to fix most of the problems and you can also consider in updating your device and performing other operations since you can handle the recovery mode menu with ease. Stay close for further tips and tricks along with dedicated step by step guides for your Android smartphone.

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