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How to Hard Reset Nokia 8

The latest Nokia-branded device released is the Nokia 8. This is also the most powerful Nokia smartphone launched this year. So, most likely you will want to learn how to complete different tweaking operations on your new device. Well, if you are already thinking to customize and optimize your Nokia 8, first learn how to initiate and complete a hard reset. This is an additional and basic Android operation which can help you smartly manage and resolve possible problems and malfunctions.

The hard reset is an official operation that can be completed on Android by default. With the hard reset you will manage to wipe everything from your phone – thus, you will restore your Nokia 8 back to its initial state (only partially, as fully restoring back to its default state is possible only if you re-install the Android firmware).

Therefore, the hard reset can help you solve different software related issues. This is in fact the perfect troubleshooting solution to apply when you need to stop unresponsive processes, to remove malicious apps or uninstall malware or Trojans. Since everything is erased, beside built-in apps and features, the hard reset will fix boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, screen freeze, battery drain, heating situations, signal strength problems, total blackouts and more.

Making a hard reset should be done if you want to sell your Nokia 8. By erasing everything you can actually protect your personal data, info, accounts and files. Of course, do the wipe only after applying a general backup as otherwise you won’t be able to still use your data on a different device.

Moreover, a hard reset is an additional operation required during certain tweaking processes. For example, you will have to hard reset your Nokia 8, and clear app data cache, if you will choose to install a custom ROM firmware on your phone.

Anyway, as already pointed out, the hard reset is extremely helpful but only if you first secure your files. As a general rule, before starting the steps from below you need to save your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data and more. A general backup can be easily and quickly completed by syncing your Nokia 8 files with your Google Account, by using cloud services that are already installed on your phone or you can save your data by using dedicated apps from Google Play.

Making a hard reset on the Nokia 8 is an official operation. That’s why you can complete the steps from below without using complex and risky programs or other similar third party apps. And, of course, you won’t lose your phone’s warranty during this guide.

The steps from below will work even if your Nokia 8 was tweaked – you can use this tutorial without problems even if your smartphone is rooted, running on an unlocked bootloader, powered by a custom recovery image, installed with a custom ROM software and so on.

One thing must be verified before resuming anything else: the battery power that’s left on your phone should be higher than 50%. Otherwise you have to plug in the charger first. If you don’t do it, your Nokia 8 can get turned off during the hard reset operation. Unfortunately, in that particular situation, you can end up in soft bricking your Android device.

How to Easily and Quickly Hard Reset the Nokia 8

Make the hard reset through recovery mode

  1. First of all, power off your Nokia 8 – press and hold the Power button for a few moments or press the Power key once and select “power off”.
  2. Wait a few moments while the power off process is completed.
  3. Afterwards, reboot recovery mode on the Nokia 8 by using this dedicated step by step guide.
  4. In recovery use Volume rocker keys to scroll up and down and Power key to select.
  5. Choose “wipe data factory reset”.
  6. Optional: a full wipe can be achieved only if you also pick “wipe dalvik cache” and “wipe cache partition”.
  7. When that’s done, go back to main menu of recovery.
  8. Select ‘reboot system now’.

Initiate the factory reset through built-in settings

  1. Switch on your Nokia 8.
  2. Tap on Menu and go to Settings.
  3. Next, select Backup & Reset.
  4. From the menu that will be displayed tap on Factory Data Reset and choose Reset Device when prompted.
  5. Read and agree with the alerts. When done tap on Erase Everything.
  6. That’s it; wait while the factory reset is completed and in the end reboot your smartphone.


Good work. You have successfully completed the hard reset operation on your Nokia 8. If you need further assistance don’t hesitate and contact us. Also, don’t forget to tell us how everything worked while you applied the steps from this step by step guide. You can get in touch with us and with the other users who are reading our tutorials by using the comments field from down below. Enjoy.