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HCL Y2 ICS based Tablet: Release Date, Specs and Price leaked

I don’t know if there are many users who had heard much related to the Indian IT services company HCL, but this will be the perfect opportunity for revealing some interesting aspects about the same. Until now, there are two Android based tablets that wears the HCL logo, the Me Tab X1 and Me Tab U1, though the devices are not popular among users due to a high price tag and also due to its limited availability on the market. Anyway, the company is planning to launch a new tablet, apparently a mid-range one, the HCL Y2. Details about its release date, specs and price are being presented below, so go and take a look.

But first, let’s talk a little bit about HCL. The company is well known in India, being engaged in providing a range of outsourcing services, business process outsourcing and infrastructure services. In fact is one of the most important IT company from India, so manufacturing tablets or who know maybe even smartphones for the future, should not be a surprise for us. Unfortunately, since now, the devices offered by HCL are coming with high prices, so the sales are relatively low.

According to our sources, the HCL Y2 will feature the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, this being also its main strength. Beside this, the Y2 specs will include a 1 Ghz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 512 MB of RAM, a rear facing camera (we don’t know the performances of the same) and a relatively small 7 inch display. On the other hand, the HCL Y2 should feature support for both Wi Fi and 3G internet connectivity, along with access to the Android Market, this if the HCL Me App Store will not be enough for you. Unfortunately that’s all we could find so far about the future specs and features aspects.

HCL is planning to release the Y2 in August this year, the tablet being offered only in India (who knows if the company will change its plans). The Y2 price is rumored to be Rs 15,000, a high one if you ask me. If you want to compare it, the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will soon be available for 150$, so don’t hurry up in spending your money. That’s all for now, check our daily posts for news.