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Hello, My Name Is Eric Schmidt, I am Google Chairman, and I Am a BlackBerry Addict

Eric Schmidt is the Google Chairman, a company that is taking care of Android, the most popular mobile platform, but the exec is not afraid to show the world his BlackBerry smartphone. In a recent interview for The Guardian, Schmidt said that he can’t be separate from his BlackBerry smartphone. Moreover, he was caught on camera several times using his BlackBerry device.

The Google official says that the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry smartphones is the main reason why he can’t leave them behind. Most Android terminals come with full touch screen displays, while those that still come with a physical QWERTY keyboard are more than a year old.

While the BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys was caught using an iPhone several times, Eric Schmidt is a BlackBerry fan. It seems that brand fidelity is something from the past now.

One thing is sure: I find it hard to believe that you will see an Apple official using an Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry terminal. Well, maybe except from Seteve Wozniak. Apple and its officials are displaying an attachment for the iPhone, or maybe that’s what they want to let us think.

Anyway, if you ask me, I don’s see a problem using your rivals’ products as long as they are the ones fitting your needs. I don’t see how your company’s image can be affected by this. Where are the times when the HTC Desire Z was appreciated for its QWERTY keyboard?