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Hexen GLES For Android Is Now Available On Play Store

I think I was about seven years old when Hexen: Beyond Heretic appeared. I used to play it on a MS-DOS platform and when it think about it seems that it was ages ago. Never mind that, looking at the game right now when the technology has changed a lot since then, Hexen: Beyond Heretic may seem dull an unappealing game. But for those of you who remember the 90s and want to relive that period there is good news, as Hexen: Beyond Heretic ca now be played on your Android device and can be found on Google’s Play Store.

Hexen: Beyond Heretic is a game that was created by the same developer that also produced Heretic and Doom. The sad part is that the game only includes the demo files, so you’ll have to come with your own content if you want to play the full version of Hexen GLES.

As for the game itself, Hexen GLESS is practically the same as 20 years ago, only some slight improvements have been made. The game can be played on most Android devices, even if the game seems old it has support for displays with high resolutions. Hexen GLES also supports dynamic lightning, controller/Xperia Play input, and enhanced particle effects. The developers have promised that they will keep updating the game and there will be some additions such as enhanced graphical effects.

So, I said that the files on Google Play are just for the demo. You can still play the full version, but for that you have to copy the hexen.wad file from the original game and paste it into the Hexen GLES folder. You should know that after placing the file in the Hexen GLES folder you may be required to restart. However, once you do that there shouldn’t be any more problems and you can enjoy the realm of Cronos.

In case you want to play your childhood game on a modern platform, just go to the Google Play Store and search for Hexen GLES, but remember the hexen.wad file before you begin.

One more thing, the game is not freeware, but it doesn’t cost much wither, it’s just around $2.14.