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How to Hide Pictures and Video Files on any Android device

We all know that a phone means more than taking calls or tipping messages, its classic use being long forgotten. Nowadays, a smartphone is coming with many features and capabilities, being designed to offer a computer-like experience for any of its users. As you know, the hardware section is including a processor, RAM and ROM memory, an operating system and of course a video camera. This leads to one thing: the amount of personal info stored on such a device is huge, so the security must be at least at the same level of performance.

Recently we have showed you how to set a lock code for blocking individual apps, or how to block Google Play from inappropriate downloads; but now, I will describe a more interesting procedure: how to quickly and safely hide pictures, video files and many other on any Android based smartphone, or tablet. There can be many reasons for performing such an operation, so take a look below and see how it’s done.

You can save many and different video and pictures files on your smartphone, but what happen when someone else is having access to your device? All your personal data will be “shared” with that person, a fact that sometime is better to be avoided. It’s your problem on what you have on your phone, so don’t let anybody else have contact with the same. But, in case you have kinds, or you can’t keep your handset just for you, it will better to take some precautions. And the best way to do that is by hiding the data you need to.

In order to complete this step by step guide you will have to download an app available on Google Play Store. The features included in the system will be more than useful for you (I have detailed them below). The tool is named “Hide it Pro” and can be installed on any Android device. As it name says, the app is offering an easy way to hide the pictures and videos from your smartphone. Hide it Pro comes with a user friendly interface and with a built in video player, gallery, password protection and lots more. Furthermore, it will be disguised as Audio manager application, so only you will know its purpose.

You can hide individual files or even folders. Then, the security contains encryption tool to secure your important files. There are many features that come with this app; it’s your job to discover them. Now, during the following we will be checking on how to install and use the “Hide it Pro” app for hiding pictures, video and any other files from your Android handset. Check it out and follow the steps.

How to Hide Pictures and Video Files on any Android device

  1. First search for the “Hide it Pro” tool on Google Play, download and install the same on your smartphone / tablet.
  2. Run the app.
  3. You must login first. You must set a pin code, or password. This is the first security step to make.
  4. On the next page, you will have to enter an email account; this will be used if somehow you forget the password entered in step 3.
  5. Now, you will be taken to the audio manager where you will see the audio settings for your phone.
  6. The password will be required.
  7. As soon as you login, the basic home screen (the vault) of the tool will be displayed.
  8. You can now start hiding pictures, videos, audio, hide apps, lock apps, file manager and even messages.
  9. Follow the prompts as everything is intuitive.
  10. Some apps may require root access for being able to hide it.
  11. For hiding apps, just tap on the tool you want to hide and then click on “yes”.
  12. That’s it.

The Hide it Pro app can be downloaded for free from Android Apps Lab. Take it and give it a try and see if you find it useful. Don’t worry, your Android device will be in safe hands, you can’t brick it or damage the system by using this tool. Also, check our previous guides for further Android related tips. If you have questions and opinions share the same in the comments section from below.