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How to Hide SMS Messages on any Android phone

I know that keeping your personal data outside curious eyes and interests is extremely important for you, so today I will describe an interesting app, which I’m sure that it will be on your taste. You can find numerous guides here, on Android.gs, about how to improve and set privacy and security codes on your Android powered handset, so for the same, just search within our previous posts and see if you can find a solution for your problem. But now, let’s concentrate on learning how to hide SMS messages from any Android based smartphone.

I have been searching through Google Play for the best tool that can take care of this task and the best one to reach my hand was the SMS Lock app. I will show you how to properly use the same and also I will show you from where you can download it. The tool is having a friendly interface which makes it easy to use and handle by any type of users. Also, setting the security code, as this is its purpose, will only take a few seconds, so you will be back on track in the shortest time possible.

Is important to have such an app installed on your device especially if you are sharing your phone with your friends, family, co-workers and so on. We all know that having a smartphone is like having a notebook with you due to the amount of data that can be stored into its internal storage memory. Also, thanks to its capabilities you can permanently communicate with anyone you want through Facebook, Twitter, or by making video calls, or why not by taping SMS messages. Furthermore, you can have important info saved through your SMS messages, so it’s more than recommended to keep those info just for yourselves; and this especially if you know that many other are having access to your smartphone.

So, for avoiding unpleasant situations, it is a good idea to somehow lock the access in that area. Fortunately, I have the best solution for your problem, as the SMS Lock app is everything you need. You can download the tool from here, or by using the QR code from below, of course only if you have the bar code scanner application installed on your handset.

After downloading the app, you will have to install and run the same. As soon as you run the SMS Lock, the program will take you to the home of the app. Then, just select “Turn on SMS Lock”; finally you will have to choose and set the unlock pattern. That’s all you need to do for hiding the SMS messages from your Android powered smartphone. Tell us your opinion and impressions about this app and if you find it useful enough for recommending it to other users too. Furthermore, share other issues or questions related to any Android matter and we will try to bring a suitable guide for resolving your problems.

QR code for downloading SMS Lock

QR code for downloading SMS Lock