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Holofication Nation Android App Now Available

Holofication Nation is a team of developers that does other developers job, converting apps to the Holo style. Until now apps had to be downloaded either from their website or from the xda-developers forum, but now they fortunately have an Android app where you can find all the Holofied apps.

There isn’t much to be said about the app. It acts as an app store itself, but it only lists apps holofied by the┬áHolofication Nation team. You can navigate through the available apps, view screenshots and install them directly from the app, which works really smooth.

For the moment there are only four apps available for download: Steam, CNN, Instagram and Grooveshark, but they’re working hard and we expect the number to increase pretty fast. If you’re using any of these apps, you should really try the Holo version, because they look much better.

Holofication Nation

If you were worried that the Holofication Nation team does any significant changes to the apps, you should know that they only change code that draws the design. Nothing else is changed and app permissions remain the same.

Before installing any of the apps modified by Holofication Nation you should make sure to uninstall the original apps first.

Head over to Google Play to install Holofication Nation. If you encounter any problem with the app or if you want the team to mod a specific app, you can talk to them at the Holofication Nation community on Google Plus.