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How to Accelerate Download Speed on Android with AndroGET

There’s a lot of download managers for Android out there pretending to give your downloading speed a boost, but most of them are just false pretenses. Well, luckily, we found an application that really accelerates the downloading speed on your Android device (not by much, but it’s noticeable); The AndroGET download manager for Android doesn’t do just download acceleration, it also lets you manage your downloads in a flexible and easy way.

If you’re having trouble handling the app, here are a few tips on how to make it work properly:

  • AndroGET works with many Android browsers and does a good job by automatically sending the downloads you start to its management list. If the download doesn’t automatically go to the download management list, tap and hold the link and select Share link.
  • You can quickly access AndroGET from within your notifications drop-down panel.
  • Once you’re in the download manager, you’ll see that the download speed is higher and you can long-press one of your downloads in order to pause, cancel or delete.
  • Within the settings menu AndroGET boost download speed for Android you can set AndroGET to notify you when a download has started, failed or finished, from the same panel you can set your default download folder and choose how many downloads you want the manager to run in parallel. Don’t forget to tap the Accept changes button How to boost dowload speed on Android once you’ve made your adjustments.
  • The advanced settings allow you to change the Proxy, Port, Connections per download (8 by default), Network I/O buffer size and timeout.

As I said before, the AndroGET app really accelerates the downloading speed on your Android phone no matter the size of the file you’re downloading, but it’s a real time-saver for larger files.

Go get the AndroGET download manager from Google Play, it’s free, it works and it’s easy to use, but use with care as downloading can become a bad habit as it can suck dry your MB off your data plan; here’s a few things you can do in order to lower data usage on your Android phone.