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How to backup Android apps

Fortunately there is not a way to backup Android apps and save them as apk, which can be later reinstalled on your Android device. Also it doesn’t require root access anymore, so it can be easily done by anyone.

There are many reasons you may want to backup an Android app and it’s always recommended to do it to make sure you won’t lose it in the future. Backups can be saved wherever you want, even on your computer and then copied back to the device later and installed. This works even if the apps are no longer available in the Play Store.

This can even help you install an app on a device that doesn’t have access to the Play Store or doesn’t have internet connection. Download the app from the Play Store, copy it to the PC and then to the device where you want to install it. Then run the file and you’re done.

You can also use this if you are going to do a factory reset or want to install another ROM on your Android device. Just copy the apk files to your SD card, perform the factory reset or flash the new ROM and then reinstall the apps.

Sometimes new app versions are worse than the old ones and if you still want to use the older versions which are no longer available on the Play Store, this is the only way to do it.

Like I said, whatever reason you may have to backup an Android app, we have an excellent solution that works on all Android device and does not require root access.

How to backup Android apps

You will first have to download File Expert and install it.

Then open the File Expert application

Tap on My Apps

Check the apps you want to backup

Tap Backup in the bottom-left of the screen

Now you will have to wait until File Expert performs the backup and you are done. You will be able to find the backup apps apk at /sdcard/backup_apps.

You can also watch the video below to see how it’s done: