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How to Change Android UI to look like iOS

The iPhone’s iOS user interface is spreading all over the “place”, reaching even Android users with its simplicity, elegance and style. I’m not saying Android doesn’t have these three characteristics, but to some of you it’s just not enough or you got bored of the Android UI.

The Espier Launcher app allows you to change the UI of your Android device to an UI very similar to the iOS, but this application doesn’t bring only the looks of the iOS, it also packs some of its functionalities too, like: swipe to the left to access the search home-screen, create folders by dragging apps on top of each other, swipe upwards to see the multitasking tray and even the notification area looks the same as on iOS. Organizing is done in the same manner, by tapping and holding an application and then moving it around or pressing the X button if you don’t want that app to show on your home-screen anymore. Unfortunately or fortunately, you can’t add widgets as the guys at Espier Studio wanted to replicate the iOS as good as they could and as we all know, the iOS doesn’t support widgets on home screens, their widgets can be found inside the notification area and this helps on preserving simplicity.

You can download the Espier Launcher for free from Google Play, but if you’re not interested in an iOS look for your Android Tablet, you should try the GO Launcher HD app.

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