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How to Convert Video to GIF with your Android device using GIFDroid

If you’re looking to create some funny GIFs out of your video files, the GIFDroid app for Android is what you’re looking for. This application allows you to easily convert video files into GIF animations and it gives you a few settings that you can play with in order to make the animation as you want it. You can download GIFDroid for free from Google Play.

Now that the GIFDroid video to GIF converter for Android is up and running, here’s how to make it work:

  • Record or select a video from your phone’s gallery.
  • Once you’re video is ready, you can choose which part of it should become a GIF by sliding the beginning and end buttons.
  • Now you can either tap Next to continue to the next step or you can further adjust the GIF by pressing Edit GIF Preferences (users can edit FPS, Delay, Width and Height).
  • After all your tweaking and adjusting is finished, the next step allows you to choose which frames you want to use for the GIF animation and once you’re done, tap on Create GIF and you’re good to go.
  • You can now share, rename, delete or create another “masterpiece” of a GIF.

This app could come in handy if you have funny videos on your Android device and you want to convert them to GIF animations so you can post them on your website or wherever you want. I said “funny videos” because I don’t see why I should make a GIF of my grandmother eating a sandwich.