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How to delete Google History from any Android device

As you might know, all the things you search on the web with Google is saved and stored in your phone / tablet’s internal memory. This means that everyone that is using your device is also having access to this info. Or, if you need to search for something and you use your friend’s handset for this, he will be able to check afterwards what you’ve been looking for. Therefore, if you don’t want that to happen, or if you just want to clear the Google search history, you should follow this how to guide.

The best way for preventing others to have access to your personal info is to keep your Android powered device only for yourself. It’s your personal thing and it should stay that way. But, if you have kids, or if you know that other people gets in touch with your gadget then you must take some precautions. Recently, I have showed you a few ways in which you can complete that, by setting a lock code for blocking individual apps installed on your handset, or by blocking Google Play / Android Market from inappropriate downloads. Now, it’s time to see how to delete the Google search history.

As you will see the procedure is easy, there are only a few steps to follow. You can erase the history in two ways: by using the settings available on your phone / tablet, or by using a tool which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. In this tutorial I will show you how to handle the second one, as it works better. The operation will only take a couple of minutes from your time, so you will be back on track in the shortest time possible. Furthermore this is an advantage especially when you need to erase the Google search history fast, without anyone else noticing what you are doing.

Now, let’s begin the proper guide. Follow the steps, read all the lines and there shouldn’t be any issues on your way.

How to delete Google History from any Android device

  1. First of all you must download the app. For achieving that you should have an Internet connection enabled.
  2. On your device tap on the Google Play icon.
  3. Search for the Android Google search app, or just get it from here.
  4. Then, open the tool.
  5. Long press on any search term you want to delete.
  6. When asked, press the “Yes” button to remove the term from your search history.
  7. You can choose whether to erase the whole history or only one or several term from it; it’s your choice.
  8. That’s it.

There you have it, the easiest and quickest way in which you can learn how to delete Google History from any Android device. If you have any questions related to this subject, or to another that is linked to the Android concept, feel free and share your thoughts with us(in the comments area). Remember that this tutorial is suitable for any Android smartphones and tablets so don’t hesitate to use it; stay close for further Android how to guides. Also, check our previous tutorials for learning how to change the Message Centre Number, how to delete data by using the Factory Data Reset option, or how to sync your chrome bookmarks between a PC and an Android device.