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How to Double the Battery Life of your Android Device with Bump Charging

Remember all of those tips and tricks provided by various users that were supposed to double or even triple the battery life of your Android smartphone or tablet? Well, it seems like HTC has decided to join the fun with some official battery prolonging advice. That’s right, the Taiwanese manufacturer has made an official guide on how to extend your Android powered device’s battery life. Originally, these tips were released in order to provide a better feedback on what HTC users tend to do with their devices, so HTC could improve the software battery management accordingly.

Another plus to these tips is that they cannot harm your device even if they are not applied as they should be, so feel free to try them. Also, they can be applied to all other Android devices out there, like the ones made by Samsung, LG, Motorola and so on.

So let us see what HTC had to say about the wireless technologies and the display of our beloved smart phones and tablets. According to the Taiwanese manufacturer, Wi Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and display brightness greatly impact battery performance, so we are advised to use them only when needed and not to leave them on all the time. HTC went even further and mentioned that you should turn these four features to the minimum when your battery is low to save extra power until you find an appropriate charging place.

Next up, HTC told us of a way of bump charging our battery to maximum. Most users who have tried the method below have made their devices last 10 hours or more under very heavy usage, which is a great value for most modern smart phones, but not so much for their tablet cousins. The steps to achieve this maximum charge are written below:

  • You have to turn the device on and charge it for 8 hours or more.
  • Next you have to turn it off and charge it for 1 extra hour.
  • And here comes the odd part. You have to unplug your device, turn it on, wait 2 minutes and then turn it off again and plug it back into the charger for another hour.
  • In the last step you should notice that the battery life of your device will almost double with this trick.

If we are to believe the HTC representative which made this method public, we should expect more than 10 hours of heavy usage regardless of the device we are using, but I for one think there is a catch behind it.

This method seems vaguely similar to the battery calibration method used in some of the custom ROMs out there, and some users have reported it not to work as well as it was advertised. The other thing is that with this way you are charging your battery to its maximum capacity, and doing so repeatedly may turn out to be harmful for the battery. One thing is certain, doing so once or twice will not hurt your device in any way, so if you are willing to give this method a try please tell us if you see any improvements.

Then again, this whole method might actually be safer than regular charging since it was given away by an official representative, but I think this is a trick we need to find out for ourselves.