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How to download and install ICS Camera on your Android device

The Android ICS camera comes with many new features and it also looks much better than the old ones. Fortunately there’s an option to download it for your device, even if you don’t have Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately you cannot use all of its features, but some of them do work and it will definitely improve your experience, so it’s worth installing.

The Android Gingerbread camera is not very intuitive and easy to use, so you might really want to check the ICS one, which brings every option closer to your fingers and makes everything easier. If you give it a try you will notice right away that’s much easier to take a photo and the menu is more intuitive than any older version of the stock Android camera.

Now let’s talk a bit about the ICS camera’s features and changes, because there are a lot. The shutter button is now positioned better and the menu is organized differently. Taking a panoramic image is extremely easy. Tap the lower-right corner options button, then the panoramic button. Now just place the shutter button and start moving your device in the direction you want. There is also a gauge to show you how much of the photo has been taken. The panoramic photo will end once the gauge is complete or when you press the shutter button.

Along with all the features we talked about already, the Ice Cream Sandwich camera also has a flash, white balance, and exposure menu, bear a Camera Settings menu. The last button has all the camera’s options which aren’t needed daily and you usually need to configure them rarely.

And one more important thing is that the ICS camera can take photos faster, featuring an instant shutter, which older Android version lack.

Download Camera ICS from the Google Play Android Market here.