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How to Enable Multi Touch on Nook Simple Touch

In a world dominated by Android tablets spotting better specs than our average laptop, finding one such device that doesn’t impress with its specs but excels at its role is nothing short of a wonder. The device in question this time is the Nook Simple Touch, an e-reader that comes with a black and white display but is powered by hardware that can support the Android OS. This article is going to present a way of turning your Nooks Simple Touch into a perfectly good tablet capable of playing even the Angry Birds game, with multi touch support included.

Thanks to some very dedicated developers from XDA, you can now rejoice on the thought of playing games and using multi touch support on your e-ink display. Unlike other LCD panels out there, the one found on the Nook Simple Touch uses so little power it makes the best candidate for a prolonged gaming or web surfing session, provided you can live with its black and white restrictions.

This particular B&N E-Reader has had numerous hacks in the past but this is arguably the best one so far, and it also helps if you don’t want to spend $70 more on the next model in the range, the Nook Color.

The major benefit brought by this hack is by far the multi touch support, but so far, it is only working in the browser, in multi touch enabled games and in PDFs. Unlike previous versions, this hack has been fine tuned to enable the best possible experience with the e-ink display, and you can check out how fluent it is in the following videos:


As with any hack of this kind there are a couple of drawbacks and you should know that a couple of users have reported that their screens have all but locked up after applying the hack. If you are willing to take this chance all you have to do is to flash a zip file. Of course, in order to do this you must have a rooted device with ClockworkMod recovery already installed, but once you have these all you have to do is to grab this Hack and flash it like any other zip file.

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