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How to enable T-Mobile tethering on your Android device

T-Mobile has recently blocked tethering on Android devices and now it’s impossible to use the internet while tethering. When trying to access any websites, T-Mobile redirects the user to a sales page requiring an additional fee of $14.95 / month.

But fortunately there’s a workaround for this and it’s pretty simple too. Though this method is not for the device itself, but for the computer’s browser. T-Mobile looks for the user agent coming from your browser and if it’s not an Android one, then the company blocks you.

So you either have to set the browser to send no user agent or change the current one to a mobile or unknown one. Fortunately there are extensions for all the most popular browsers and we’ve tried some of them for you. Read the guide below to see where to get the extension and what to do.

How to enable T-Mobile tethering on Android


For Firefox you have to download the extension here. This extension adds a toolbar button on your browser and it’s very easy to use. Just click the button, then click “Edit User Agents” and pick something like Dolphin HD or Android Xoom.


The Chrome plugin is even better as it offers you a plenitude of user agents to choose from. Download the extension here and click the icon near the settings button. A window will open and you will be able to choose the user agent of your preference.

Internet Explorer

As there are many Internet Explorer versions, we only found extensions for IE8. Here you have the extension for IE8,

If a user agent doesn’t work for you, then try another one until it finally works. If you are using another browser, then search Google for it and hopefully you will find one.