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How to enable USB Mass Storage on Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

Many Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 users have been complaining about the lack of a USB mass storage mode on the device and now we’ve found a way to make it work. UMS is very useful when you want to transfer files between your device and the computer.

Instead of UMS ( USB mass storage ), Samsung Galaxy S3 only features MTP ( media transfer protocol ), which is not as easy to use and fast, so many prefer UMS instead.

It’s very easy to enable USB mass storage and it’s also a safe procedure, so you will not have to root your device. Your warranty will also not be voided.

Before starting the procedure, make sure to backup the data on your device, because there’s an unlikely chance of losing it. In order to backup your data, head over to the following links: AppBAK for Android apps backups | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Settings Backup & Restore.

Now let’s head to the procedure itself, which will enable the USB mass storage mode on your Galaxy S3 i9300.

UPDATE: This guide will work only with Samsung Galaxy S3 devices that are rooted, as some users have pointed out. I thought that most Android users are used with applications such as the USB Mass Storage needing BusyBox and / or SuperSU in order to work with Android smartphones.

How to enable USB mass storage mode on Galaxy S3

First you will have to download the apk file here. Then copy the apk to your device and disconnect it from your computer. Then install the app on your device and follow the instructions given by the app.

Once the app is installed, you can open it and select the option you prefer for file transfer, which is very easy. Please let us know if you encounter any problems or if it doesn’t work for you. Though we’ve tested this app on our device and it worked flawlessly, so it should be fine.

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  • ian

    this requires root

    • ShittyMF

      spot on!

    • Xypher

      Root access is indeed needed 🙁

  • syop01

    Requires BusyBox (which requires rooting) so obviously the writer of this article never checked any facts.

  • vivek

    it does not work after the installation

  • Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCH-l535), Rooted + BusyBox, installed app (SGS3 Easy UMS)…Not working, Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    …Please help

    • Nevermind – Updated to v1.7 (from 1.2), and got the option to change driver to usb mass storage…all is well …. THANKS A MILLION ! 😀

  • SGS3boy

    I use1.7 v. It only can detect the sd card. You know how to detect phone internal memory? Thank you

  • Jirka Orság

    Works great on Jelly Bean – SGS3 Easy UMS 1.7, Bussy box installed. Mass storrage working!

  • Daz

    Not great to just randomly link to an outdated version of the application. Much better to direct the guide over to the XDA thread for this application.


  • walkerhilsdale

    I’m confused. Will downloading this software enable UMS mode on my Samsung Galaxy SIII? I need this mode so I can recover a file accidentally deleted off the phone’s internal memory (not mini SD card). Without this mode the recovery software can’t locate the phone when connected as a MTP device.

  • PFFB

    To work the Mass Storage on Galaxy S3, just enable de “USB Debugging” on the “Developer Option” menu. That’s it!!!!! No Root, no APS.

    • PFFB

      I can’t do it on my work’s computer. The difference is that I only have Kies at home. So, try to install kies before.

    • carrie lorentz

      that does not enable the mass storage your computer will still recognize it as a mobile device. You must root your device to enable mass storage which I have done and I still have not found one tutortorial that has enabled me to access mass storage.

  • Luis

    How man ? i want use my phone as a mass storage? and i have to download an app? how? i don’t have usb mass storage mode



  • Ramesh

    Writer of this is of pain in the ssssssssssssssssss. do’nt you understand what you are saying and what you are suggesting…This kind of posts should be deleted….

  • paul

    i agree with syop01

  • yo

    but i need to recover from internal memory not from an external sd card.

    • Sabeer

      Hi Did you receive any solution for this? I m also facing the same Issue

  • ouidsrhg

    Hoax Website, IGNORE!

  • StitchBrain.com

    Thanks PFFB! USB Debugging worked for me!

  • hater of bogus crap. like this

    umm…. link????? app??? no link!

    • hater of bogus crap. like this

      epic fail, poster. you need to delete this post, your account, your computer, your house, your life and then yourself. geez. learn how to post and stop wasting our time.

  • Sun Qingwen

    where is the apk file?

  • Seung

    Where’s the apk file?

  • mwa

    Just remove your article, it just a shitt!!! first u have to do the parcticle than only post any thing

  • tony

    connect device to laptop via usb. open calling app like you are going to make a call. dial *#0808# options should come up. select mtp

    • Imelda Li

      Works like a charm on my S3. Thanks

  • “First you will have to download the apk file here.”
    where? links does not works like that. waste of time.