How to enable USB mass storage on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

SGS3 Easy UMS Galaxy Note 2

Unfortunately USB mass storage is not working on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, because it seems like Samsung disabled it somehow. There are only two USB file transfer modes available, the MTP ( media sharing ) and  PTP ( camera mode ), which aren’t very useful for everyone.

But developers have found a workaround for the Galaxy S3, which also works on the Galaxy Note 2, but not so well. You will only be able to use the external SD card in USB mass storage and you also require root access. Once you make sure to have an external microSD card and root access, you will have to download a free app from Google Play.

So here’s exactly what you have to do in order to enable the USB mass storage:

Root your Galaxy Note 2 with Odin. We have two guides for you. Check out this one if you want to also install CWM ( ClockWorkMod recovery ) or this one if you only need root access.

Download SGS3 Easy UMS here. Then you will have to launch the app, grant it root access when you’re asked for it, and choose the way you want to mount your device on the PC. It’s very easy and you will only have to tap one button to switch from one mode to another.

Currently this only works with the international Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and the i317 AT&T version, so it’s not recommended to try it on another version. Though if you do, please let us know if it works or not, so we can update this article for other users.

Also if you have any questions or problems, let us know in the comments section and we will do our best to help you.

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  • dan

    Works on the sprint galaxy note 2 as well.

  • Steve Conrad

    On the Note2, go into
    Developer Options
    USB Debugging (enable)

    Stock USA AT&T Note2 works as a USB drive and I can also dive down and access two separate “drives folders” on the phone.

    Storage (internal 16gb flash)
    SD Card (external 64 micro SD)



      • Douglas Cox

        This doesn’t solve the problem of having them show up as “drive letters” so several apps like “robocopy” do not work properly.

    • mT

      Steve this only allows you to transfer files back from your phone to PC. I can do that too on my Tmobile Note 2.. the goal is to be able to work off your SD card (example; if you have a doc. excel, power P..etc,. files lets say is some type of paper and you need to update/change stuff on it you want to open it and make changes, save and close) just like a standard USB stick. another example would be to be able to plug your phone to your car USB port and access all your music while the phone charges :) that was some features I loved on my BB curve, and my HTC mytouch 4G phone…. cant do that anymore .. :(

  • TriggerHappy

    USB Debugging is not the same as USB Mass Storage, for example the DoubleTwist app will still not work.

  • nohl

    So what about AirDroid? It’s a great tool and works via wifi. Anyone try it?

    • Alex Dumitru

      Yes, it’s a great app and I’m using it. But USB seems to be faster though :)

  • Mike G.

    Hi, I’ve got a Teac home CD receiver that has a USB / IPOD port. Unfortunately, we just bought a Note II that is not recognized by the receiver. The storage device needs to be in fat32. I’ve been searching the internet for info or an ap that would make the output of the Note II look like an IPOD.

    Any suggestions? I suppose I could use wifi to share files.

  • ghostSTL

    This works 100% on Sprint SPH-L900 galaxy note 2 confirmed!!!
    Some things to keep in mind…
    I was already rooted before finding this page. Does pre-root help? who knows.
    I installed Busy Box “Smart install mode”
    I then installed app!! and works.
    This app will get around Goole or Sprints removed “Mount as hard drive option” I can now connect to my Chevy Mylink system!!

    • ghoststl

      And andriod 4.1.1 verstion havent tried 4.2 yet.

  • dodge

    Thanks. Although it was not quite what I needed it did work perfectly on the UK version N7105 :-)

  • Anon

    Does this work for the galaxy note 10.1 tablet?

  • PinoyAndroidista

    Simply download androidzip then you can simply access root files but only has limited workarounds..

  • gcb

    omg. just return that damn phone. great way to crap on customers head, samsung

  • Marx Marvelous

    Does not work on Galaxy Victory LTE

  • Marx Marvelous

    Does not work on Galaxy Victory LTE