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How to Enter Recovery Mode on LG G2

Do you need to enter recovery mode on your LG G2 but you can’t manage to do it properly? If that’s the case then this tutorial will be more than helpful for you. Why? Well, basically during the lines from below I will tell you how to easily boot your LG G2 in recovery mode, I will tell you what can you do from recovery mode, why is usually used the recovery mode menu and more similar stuffs that might help you in properly using your Android based device. So, don’t hesitate and check the guidelines from below for further info on this subject.

The stock recovery image that comes pre-installed on any Android device can be used for various reasons. For example you can enter recovery mode on your LG G2 for making a hard reset (also known as factory reset), for applying an OTA update, for clearing cache and for other similar operations. Furthermore, then, you can choose to replace the stock recovery with a custom recovery image like CWM or TWRP recovery. Now, by using a custom recovery you can perform other operations that are also unofficial such as gaining root access, installing a custom kernel, or updating with a custom ROM firmware.

But, regardless the motif, if you need to enter recovery mode on your LG G2, the process will be the same. As you will see below, the method used is the classic one so you don’t have to download, install or use a custom app. Basically you will use the Volume Up and Down along with the Power key in order to boot into recovery. Also, by using a combination of the buttons specified above you can also enter Download Mode on your LG G2, but that process will be explained in a different, though similar, step by step guide.

Anyway, do note that this method is compatible only with the LG G2. Moreover the steps from below have been tested only on the mentioned Android smartphone so probably it will not work on any other device – you will just have to find a suitable guide for your phone or tablet and in that matter you can anytime use the how to section of our website, or you can ask for a dedicated guide by using our contact form.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on LG G2 with ease

  1. First of all, take your phone and press the power button; the select “power off”.
  2. Wait while your phone is shutting down; wait a few seconds and then proceed.
  3. Now, press the volume down and power button at the same time for 2 or 3 seconds until the LG logo appears on the display.
  4. Then release the buttons and then press and hold them again.
  5. Keep pressing the buttons until the recovery mode menu will be displayed on your LG G2.
  6. That’s it.
  7. If you then want to go back to Android OS, just select “reboot system now”.

That was all; it wasn’t hard wasn’t it? So, now you know how to easily enter recovery mode on your LG G2. Stay close as further tutorials will be developed for your Android smartphone. Also, use the comments area from below and share your experience with us. If you still can’t boot into recovery mode, tell us what went wrong and we will try to assist you as soon as possible (or you can also consider in using this method from here).

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