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How to Enter Recovery Mode on the Asus Zenfone AR

Using the Asus Zenfone AR is just great as with this phone everything is just ultra fast. However, there is always room for improvements especially when we discuss about built-in features, apps and capabilities. So, if you are thinking in tweaking your device or in optimizing or customizing its Android UI, first you should read the lines which are being explained below. There I will teach you how to enter recovery mode on your Asus Zenfone AR.

The recovery mode is an environment through which the Android OS can be customized, optimized, backed up, restored, updated and even troubleshooted. Thus, if you know how to bring and use recovery on your Asus Zenfone AR you also know how to smartly use your device during different situations and how to smartly manage any sort of unpleasant problems. Shortly, the recovery mode will help you customize, optimize and personalize your Android device everytime you will want to test something new.

The recovery mode is pre-loaded on your Asus Zenfone AR. Of course, by default you can use only the stock recovery which is offering only limited access meaning that you will be able to perform only official operations such as making a hard reset, clearing app data cache or sidealoading a new OTA. If you want to extend this access you first have to replace the stock recovery with a custom platform such as CWM or TWRP recovery. With the help of the custom recovery you can really start to tweak your handset as you will be able to perform processes such as: gaining root access, flashing custom ROMs, MODs or kernels, remove bloatware, make Nandroid backups, add features that cannot be found on the stock Android system, download and install apps from other sources than Google Play, overclock or undervolt CPU frequencies and more.

Reaching recovery mode on the Asus Zenfone AR can be done in the same way whether we discuss about the stock or about the custom recovery image. However, flashing a custom recovery is an unofficial process which will make you lose your phone’s warranty. Of course, that won’t happen when rebooting into this mode as this process is supported by Asus and by Google so from this perspective you have nothing to worry about.

Also, reaching the recovery mode is possible with the help of the steps from below even if your smartphone is rooted, running on an unlocked bootloader or installed with a custom ROM firmware. The reboot sequence is the same regardless of the state in which your phone can be found in a certain moment.

As you can already tell, the recovery mode cannot be accessed by using built-in settings. Since this is a mode that runs idependently from the Android mode, it is hidden by default and it can be accessed only through dedicated reboot sequences. The easiest 3 methods that can take you and your Asus Zenfone AR to recovery mode are of course explained and detailed during the following lines.

However, before starting anything the best will be to backup your data. Don’t get me wrong; everything is safe and secured while you reach recovery but your data might get corrupted or wiped out if you are planning to use the recovery mode for tweaking your Asus AR. Thus, for being precautious and for avoiding any possible problems you should apply a general backup in order to save your personal data, info, accounts and files. On your phone you can sync your files with your Google Account, you can use built-in cloud storage platforms or you can just download backup and restore apps from Google Play.

There is one more thing that must be checked out before anything else: make sure that your smartphone is running on more than 50% power. If the power is lower than this threshold you should first plug in the charger – if not your phone might get turned off while you try to reach and use recovery and if that happens you might end up in soft bricking your Asus Zenfone AR.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on the Asus Zenfone AR

Method 1

  1. This first solution can work only if your Zenfone AR is turned off.
  2. Thus, power off your device before doing anything else – press and hold the Power button for a few moments or press the Power key once and pick up “power off”.
  3. You also have to wait until this shut down operation is completed.
  4. Then, press and hold (at the same time) the Volume Up and the Power keys – keep pressing these buttons for a few moments.
  5. Release the Power button when your phone starts to vibrate.
  6. From the menu that will be displayed highlight the recovery option and confirm – use the volume down button to navigate and the power key to select.
  7. When the Android logo shows up, press and hold the Power button.
  8. While still pressing this key press the Volume Button once and release.
  9. That should be all; now the recovery mode menu should be displayed on your Asus Zenfone AR.
  10. You can go back to Android Mode by choosing “reboot system now”.

Method 2

This is a ‘manual’ process that is a little bit more complicated. This method works only if a computer can be used and only on this computer the Android SDK is installed – thus, learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux. Afterwards, install your Zenfone AR drivers on your PC. Finally, on your phone check the USB Debugging option by accessing “menu – > settings – > developer options”. You can enable Developer Options by tapping 7 or 10 times repeatedly on Built Number, just until you are prompted with the ‘you are a developer’ message. Afterwards, you can start the following steps:

  1. Power on your smartphone and also turn on your computer.
  2. Connect your devices by plugging in the USB cable.
  3. On your computer go to the Android SDK folder.
  4. From that place open a cmd window – press and hold the Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space; then select ‘open command prompt window here’.
  5. In the cmd window that will be displayed you need to enter: adb reboot recovery.
  6. That’s all; the recovery mode menu will be automatically rebooted on your smartphone.

Method 3

Now, if you somehow have a rooted Asus Zenfone AR, you can choose to use a dedicated app from Google Play. This app will do all the work for you so this is the easiest way in which you can access the recovery mode menu. For example, you can try to use the Quick Boot software. Just download the tool from Google Play and install the app on your phone. Then, run it and follow on screen prompts for reaching recovery mode.


Perfect. The recovery mode menu should now be booted on your Asus Zenfone AR. There you can use the Volume rocker keys for scrolling up and down and the Power button to select. You can go back to Android mode easily by choosing ‘reboot system now’. That should be all; if you have questions or if you need our help for completing a certain operation on your device don’t hesitate and contact us – in that respect use the comments field from down below.