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How to Enter Recovery Mode on the Nokia 3

Nokia 3 might be the perfect Android phone for those who are on a budget or for the users who are looking for a backup device. Anyway, the smartphone is powerful enough to run the latest apps and processes so you shouldn’t have any sort of problems while using your brand new Nokia 3. However, if you want to obtain more from your device, you must learn a few basic Android operations. And in that respect today we will discuss about the recovery mode menu and how to bring it on your handset.

So, in a few words, if you choose to follow this step by step guide you can learn what you should understand when the recovery environment is involved. I will also review the advantages of using the recovery mode on your Nokia 3, I will tell you about the risks that might be implied and, in the end, I will explain the methods that can be used for reaching this dedicated enviroenment on your own smartphone.

The recovery mode is offering a path between you and your phone’s internal system. So, through this environment you can customize and optimize your Nokia 3. Of course, an inexperienced user can mess things up if he will use the recovery mode without asking for help. That’s why, by default this environment is hidden and cannot be accessed unless a dedicated reboot process is completed.

Moreover, by default your Nokia 3 is pre-installed with the stock recovery which is offering only limited access towards the internal system of your phone. Thus, by using the stock recovery you can only perform official operations such as managing new OTAs, making a hard reset or clearing app data cache. If you will want to extend your access you will have to replace the stock recovery with a custom software such as TWRP or CWM recovery – that operation isn’t supported by your OEM so you will lose your phone’s warranty if you will choose to flash a custom recovery image.

If you want to make an idea about the custom recovery environment you should know that there are various tweaking procedures that can be initiated on your Nokia 3 once that process is completed. Here are a few examples of operations that can be applied through a custom recovery platform: flashing .zip files, installing custom ROMs, MODs and kernels, gaining root access, removing bloatware, overclocking your Android device and more.

However, for us it’s important to know that both stock and custom recovery images can be rebooted in the same way, by using the methods that are explained in this dedicated tutorial. Aditionally, putting your Nokia 3 into recovery is an official operation therefore you won’t have to use third party apps for completing this tutorial. Of course, the warranty of your handset won’t get void thus you have nothing to worry about from this perspective.

Now, if you are planning to use the recovery mode menu for tweaking your Nokia 3, first you should initiate a backup. Otherwise you can end up in losing your personal data, info, accounts and files – during certain operations a hard reset might be applied or your data might just get corrupted.

Good; now, before starting the steps from below make one more thing: check the power level that’s left on your smartphone. If the power is too low (lower than 50%) your Nokia 3 might get switched off while you try to access or use the recovery environment. If that happens you might end up in experiencing soft related problems. So, overall, if required, charge your device before doing anything else.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on the Nokia 3

Method 1

  1. This method can work if your phone is switched off – so, power off your device if that’s required.
  2. Next, press and hold (together) the Volume Down and the Power buttons on your Nokia 3.
  3. Release the Power button when the Android logo is displayed – keep pressing on the Volume Down button though.
  4. From the menu that’s displayed choose Recovery and select: you can scroll up and down with the help of the Volume rocker keys and you can confirm with the Power button.
  5. When the Android logo is displayed again press and hold the Power key.
  6. While holding down the Power button press and release the Volume Up key.
  7. That should be all; the recovery mode menu should be displayed on your device.
  8. You can go back to Android mode by selecting Reboot system now.

Method 2

Another way to enter recovery mode is by executing an adb command. For being able to do so a computer will be required. There Android SDK must be installed: learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux. Also, your Nokia 3 drivers should be installed on your PC. Now, on your phone, from About Phone, tap repeatedly on Built Number until the ‘you are a developer’ message is displayed. Then, access the Developer Options and check the USB Debugging option. Finally, follow:

  1. Power on your computer and your smartphone.
  2. On your computer access the Android SDK folder.
  3. From there open a cmd window: press and hold the Shif keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space and choose ‘open command prompt window here’.
  4. Next, connect your Nokia 3 with your computer with the help of the USB cable.
  5. In the cmd window type: adb reboot recovery.
  6. Done; the recovery mode menu should be displayed on your smartphone.

Method 3

If you already rooted your smartphone you can access the Google Play store as from there you can download dedicated third party apps that can help you access the recovery environment easily. The Quick Boot app is such an example; you can give it a try – all you have to do is to run the app on your Nokia 3 and to follow on screen prompts in order to boot into the desired mode.


So that’s how the recovery mode menu can be rebooted on the Nokia 3. You can tell how everything worked for you and which method you prefer the most by using the commenst field from below. For other similar Android related tips and tricks don’t hesitate and check out our how to section. Enjoy.