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How to enter Samsung Galaxy S4 Recovery Mode

Android Recovery Mode is a hidden menu of your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. It is a great tool that can be used to wipe data, factory reset, format system partition, install kernels, install new ROM and tons of other things that should allow you to improve your smartphone and its current OS.

The Recovery mode can be stock or custom. The Stock Recovery Mode is the first and original variant that comes packed with the smartphone after you purchase it. It works with stock and rooted phone, while it won’t work with Galaxy S4 devices that are running on custom ROMs.

A Custom Recovery mode is installed after you root the phone. Two of the most popular custom recoveries for Samsung Galaxy S4 are the ClockworkMod – CWM and the TWRP – Team Win Recovery Project ones. Both are very similar in functions and will do the exact same things. You can learn how to boot your Samsung Galaxy S4 into Recovery mode using this post.

This guide works with any variant of Samsung Galaxy S4 Snapdragon 600 variant such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Verizon etc. Also, it works with the Exynos 5 Octa version of Galaxy S4. Booting into Recovery Mode is easy and you can do it in the same way for both stock and custom Recoveries.

Here’s how to boot your Samsung Galaxy S4 into Stock / CWM / TWRP Recovery Mode:

  • Power off your device completely.
  • Press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Release the buttons when the phone’s screen flickers or the Stock / CWM / TWRP Recovery logo appears.
  • That is it, after you release buttons, you will be taken to the main Recovery Mode menu.
  • Use its settings to apply any tasks you wish in order to improve your Galaxy S4 operating system.
  • To reboot back to normal Galaxy S4 mode, you need to return to the first Recovery screen and select ‘reboot system’.

That’s it, booting into Recovery Mode for Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy.

Note: If your smartphone is rooted or running a custom ROM, then you should that it is possible for you to boot into Custom Recovery mode directly from your Galaxy S4 Power options menu or using an app downloaded from Google Play Store.

If you Samsung Galaxy S4 is rooted, then you can easily boot into Recovery using ROM Manager (here) or GooManager (here) applications.

Simply launch the apps on your Galaxy S4 phone and then select the ‘Reboot Recovery’ option. Wait several moments for the device to verify root access and then the Custom Recovery Mode will load successfully.

If your Samsung Galaxy S4 is running a custom ROM such as CM 10.1 or ParanoidAndroid, then you can boot into CWM / TWRP Recovery without powering off the device. Press and hold Power button until a menu is shown on your smartphone’s menu. You will need to select ‘Reboot’ and then ‘Recovery’ option. Wait for the phone to boot into custom Recovery mode.

Use the custom Recovery for ROM installation, factory resets, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache, create system backups, mount partitions, adb sideload etc. The stock Recovery is much more limited but you can still apply factory reset and wipe cache. These were all the instructions that you had to go over and learn how to boot your Samsung Galaxy into Recovery Mode.

If you have any other questions, use the comments section listed below.

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  • Dustin Johnson


  • juan

    how do you exit out of this mode??

  • benson

    my s4 doesnt have a recovery mode menu, i’ve tried holding the volume down button with together with
    the home button and power button

    • jake22

      it volume up and power only.

      • Vince Rea

        my s4 crashes every time i try to go into the reboot menu, the blue text appears and then turns off

  • Jonny Android

    I can’t believe that an “android geek” website is giving out wrong information still. S4 is not previous generation Galaxy S series. You do not, I repeat, DO NOT need to press all three buttons and hold it like a mannequin forever until you see the message show up. Many S4 owners also have problem with their phones doing endless loop of restarts when trying all three buttons method and get annoyed and frustrated because recovery mode never seem to initiate. The problem is pressing all three buttons!!!

    Listen up, on S4, you only have to press VOLUME UP button and POWER BUTTON at the same time. And keep holding it until the actual recover options appear on your phone screen. Do not let go when you see that little message show up on upper left screen. Keep holding it until you actually see the recovery options before you on your screen. DO NOT HOLD THE HOME BUTTON WHATSOEVER!!! Now, if you see that your phone is going into another restart without options appearing, just hold the VOLUME UP button and hold it until you see the recovery options show up on your screen.

    So to summarize, to enter recovery mode on your Galaxy S4, it is VOLUME UP + POWER BUTTON. That’s it. Ignore the HOME button holding nonsense.

    • Aaron


    • jake22

      I cant believe so many android fourms have said to use all three buttons to enter into recovery. no wonder it has been so hard to get it to boot.

    • armyturtle

      I could not get my phone into recovery mode UNTIL your tidbit on: “Now, if you see that your phone is going into another restart without options appearing, just hold the VOLUME UP button and hold it until you see the recovery options show up on your screen.”

      Thank you – this was happening to me and was VERY frustrating. Thank god for the internet & searches! You are awesome!

      • Jonny

        YW! Anytime! :o)

      • Chris

        Ok if I hold the volume up button how long should I have to hold it before the menu I need to see comes up?

    • komingbali

      THANK YOU. at last some one who keeps it simple and direct. tks

    • Abdullah Muhammad

      you rock man. great info. was having same issue of looping restarts.

    • SG1234

      My galaxy s4 still gets stuck on recovery booting screen. Plz help 🙁

    • Vinay

      You are awesome.

    • sulasno

      Do I need the Home button if I want to go to Download mode ?

      • Ramez


      • henry


    • Wow, man. It is rare that someone is able to teach me anything related to computer technology…but you just did! I have been going nuts trying to get into the recovery screens of my tablets all day, thinking that Samsung had prevented me from accessing them for flashing custom ROMs! With your advice, I was in the menu within seconds. Hats off to you! Thank you!

    • Benock

      U R AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!! I followed the article’s instruction until I almost gave up until i scrolled down and saw your comments. They should at least update the article even if they refused to admit posting incorrect info!!

    • Lilian

      Genius!!! Thanks!!! I thought my phone was stuck, but you saved me!!

    • Phone Guy

      still no recovery option, I constantly get the download green android screen. It never goes away, I am using the volume up + power method but nothing. Any more advice?

    • Jack De Lang

      your a twit mate.. it isnt the same on ALL .
      For example this one i have now GT-I9500 i hold all three buttons until the samsung screen and if the tiny blue writing is there in the top left hand side of the screen i let of power and keep the other buttons pressed.

  • JMS

    My unrooted s4 phone gets stuck with the blue colour legend Recovery booting. I am unable? to enter safe mode, any ideas? been surfing google for 12hrs with no proper answer. Thanks!!

    • jake22

      Are you on at&t? If so , I had one get stuck on the att boot screen and it took me forever to get it into recovery. I had to pull battery and reboot into recovery and factory reset. but it only happened if I turned my phone off are battery went dead.

  • jake22

    It wont work while the phone is charging . I couldn’t too.

  • Chris

    Yeah so I tried to upgrade the firmware on my galaxy s4 and it failed but now whenever I go to turn it on, it says, “Firmware Upgrade encountered and issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and Try again.” I got Kies and I click emergency firmware recovery and my device doesnt even show up

    • alan

      hey man you can’t upgrade the firmware from the stock recovery…at least i’ve never heard of it. anyways it looks like you will have to ODIN the stock firmware. just download odin, download the stock firmware, put your phone into download mode, and push the firmware

      • kayakj

        You can upgrade the firmware from stock recovery as long as you’re updating it with stock.. I just did it on my GS4 with 4.4

  • LS

    Idiots. None of this shit works.

  • ben

    someone “rooted” my s4 now it wont let me into some apps, or update my phone. how can i resolve this/put it back to normal?

  • Misery998

    HELP! my s4 says “firmware upgrade encountered an issue, please select recovery mode in kies & try again” Wtf is this Tell what I have to exactly do please please please

  • david

    can some one help
    I done clear cash think maybe I done wrong one now it does not turn on just lights up and says in small letters
    set warranty bit : kernel
    please help

  • sam

    I frgt ma screen lock paswrd n have to reset facoty n reboot it without backup how can I retrieve ma pictures …n I hvent use andriod afte reboot just once I used whatsap

  • vampyyri1123

    i literally had to post because this is the first time that the comments actually taught me something and not the post itself

    thanks jonny..

  • micklemore .

    can any body help me pleaseee !!!!!! My i tried installing cyanogenmod 11 through rom manager as i saw on avideo by high on android. but when cyanogen loaded up none of the google apps were working and i couldnt download anything not even apks. so i decided to factory reset it from the phones settings. while it was doing that it froze so i took the battery out and put it back in. then i tried powering it on and it was the cyanogenmod loading screen stuck in aloop and i cant enter recovery mode for some reason.

  • Danny

    Hello I’m trying to erase my cache because of problems with the SIM detector, however when trying to open the recovery mode of my s4 a warning sign appears, because they told me in another page that the warning sign is the recovery option I press continue. I don’t know what to do. Help.

  • Ben

    My phone has worked fine all along. Suddenly earlier today the background changed back to the default background and then the phone restarted. I did a manually reboot and now it gets locked up on the AT&T screen. I am totally stuck as to what to do. At the very least, I would like to be able to retrieve my important data from the phone.

    I have both Mac and PC, so can use either to resolve the problem. I tried opening Kies on my Mac and it just says “connecting.” The phone will boot into download mode, but nothing else. I did root the phone way back when for the sole purpose of backing up my data, as AT&T blocks the ability to do so (an attempt that ultimately proved futile!). Interestingly, since rooting, the phone always showed the open padlock on boot, but now it shows the Samsung Galaxy 4 Logo instead.

    I have heard of Odin, but am not familiar with the details of how to use it. Any suggestions you can make would be greatly appreicated. If anyone knows of any phone experts in the NYC area who might be able to help me retrieve my data and fix the phone for a fee, that would also be more appreciated.


  • Chicchan RedSerpent

    I need to know what to do if thru this whole process of rooting your S4, somehow your OS system has been removed. Has anyone else experienced this while rooting. I’m stuck on TWRP with no clue what to do. Help!!!

  • Justin Li

    then how can i cancel it ?

  • Armand ioan

    How can I get root if my home key doesn.t work? I already have cwm. Please help me !

  • Larry A

    My S4 Active would only access recovery mode by the following method:
    Hold VOLUME UP, then POWER until phone vibrates, then RELEASE POWER while still holding VOLUME UP until the recovery menu appears. Hope this helps!

    • scottdouglasjohnson

      Now that worked like a charm on my Canadian S4 with crdroid 6.0.1

  • Samuele Montanari

    if dont work,try when is writed reboot(in blue left-above of the screen)to lets the buttons and press volume down

  • Roshan Tharanga

    i can not switch on my phone, when i connect it in to charger its vibrating & show charging icon and turning off. its also repeating. and i couldn’t enter the recovery mood also.

  • Emily

    Ugh. Nothing this says is working. Neither is holding just the volume up button and the power button. Or just the volume up button. Or any combination of the three buttons possible!!! So don’t even thing about replying to this saying “OMG UR SO DUM U HAV 2 DO VOLUM UP N POWER ONLY U DUMY”
    And yes, it’s fully charged. I’ve tried doing it on the charger and off. I’ve tried different chargers. I’ve tried charging it with my computer for hell’s sake. It just keeps showing me the stupid blue text, and turning back off. It’s extremely annoying. Literally nothing I’ve tried works.

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