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How to Exclude Unwanted Images from the Gallery of Your Android Device

Gallery Excluder

One of the most important aspects of any mobile device these days is the ability to organize the photos and images in a coherent and easy to understand way. This functionality aspect is also doubled by a spectacular user interface that should take your eyes as soon as you open the application to view your photos. These aspects have made Android devices very popular amongst users, but the thing is that it is not always for the best to show all the images on your Android device in the Gallery.

From time to time you may run into the problem of excluding some photos from the gallery, like the album art covers from your music collection or just simply some images that contain more sensitive information. You will find out that this course is a very hard one, as the stock Gallery app in Android devices automatically searches your SD card from time to time to check for new media files, and there is no way you can disable or change this behavior. Thankfully, the vast Google Play Store houses a dedicated app that will help you achieve your goals, the Gallery Excluder.

This Gallery Excluder app will only do one thing: it will let you exclude folders from the Gallery’s routine. This means that you will be able to remove those pesky album art pictures and many more items from being constantly updated and presented in the Gallery. The principle it works on is very simple: you will look at your folders just as you would from a file explorer, and the app will let you select which ones you want to exclude from your Gallery. It will then add a .nomedia file in the selected folders and this will in turn make it not show up in the Gallery.

In the lines below you will find an easy step by step guide that will show you how to operate the app and make it suit your needs:

  • You will have to download the application from the Google Play Store or from the Android Apps Labs and install it on your Android device.
  • From here on you will simply have to open it, and once you have done so, you will see the list of folders on your SD card that can be chosen for exclusion.
Gallery Excluder

Gallery Excluder

  • Now you simply have to tick the boxes next to the folders that you want to remains out of the Gallery and then press the OK button in top right corner of the app.
  • Now you will simply have to go to your Gallery and see that the folders selected below have disappeared from it.

The Gallery excluder app will also let you choose between a couple of different themes, but if you will not use it on a daily basis you should not even bother with its theming.

And this is all you need to do in order to exclude some folders from your Gallery regardless of the Android device you own. If you do not fancy searching for app all you have to do to download the app is to point your barcode scanning application to the image below:

Gallery Excluder QR Code

Gallery Excluder QR Code