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How to Fix the HTC One X Screen Flickering Issue

While HTC has made a big fuss about its new generation of Android smartphones, users that adopted the now famous HTC One X are still facing a few issues with their brand new quad-core devices. Among these early bugs we can find the quite annoying battery drain one, which was caused by a misplaced Tegra 3 power management app. Unfortunately, HTC has not responded with any reply but instead passed the problem to the custom developer community which found an easy and safe fix for it. Another bug that seems to be affecting quite a large number of users is the screen flickering one, which can range from screen flickering in a very subtle and hard to see way to the very annoying and constant backlight flickering.

Hopefully HTC will fix this screen flickering bug with an OTA update in the near future, but until then the Taiwanese manufacturer might decide to go with the same approach used on the covering issue of the HTC One S, and replace your misbehaving One X with a new one. In either case, it will take some time to implement the bug fixes and it will certainly be easier to try the next few things and see if they work for you:

  • Please go to Settings->Display and reduce the brightness of the screen to any value below 15.
  • The flickering issue has been reported to arise only while running a couple of specific apps and some users have reported fixing it by changing the standard background on the home screen. This has also been reported to be a temporary solution, so you might have to change your background image constantly.
  • If the solutions above fail to make an impact please try going to Settings -> About phone and check if a OTA software update is available. We do not know when HTC will release a bug fix update, but for what it is worth you should constantly check for it.
  • If none of the above options has fixed the flickering issue, you should do a factory reset and this should provide a temporary but longer fix than the solutions above. Make sure all your data is backed up before proceeding with the factory reset from Settings -> Privacy. In this case we strongly recommend using HTC’s official software to do the backup.

If you happen to be among the few early adopters who can’t fix the flickering issue with either of the above you should head out to the nearest HTC Service Center and ask for a replacement. If you are lucky you might just get one on the spot. If you are not very bothered by this issue you can simply enjoy your One X and wait for HTC to release a software fix or an alternative way of getting rid of this problem.

Please let us know in the comments section below if you were able to fix your device or if you are waiting for an official statement from HTC.

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