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How to Hard Reset the Nokia 6

The Android system is great because it can be anytime customized and optimized. But, if you are not careful enough you can easily damage something within the Android core system, situation during which you might not be able to properly use your device – in our case, the Nokia 6. Also, by installing various apps and features you can slow down your smartphone and you can therefore end up in using a system that runs with lags and with hangs.

So, if you already decided to tweak your phone for playing with the Android skin, a good idea will be to learn a few methods in which you can address possible problems right away. And one of the best solutions in which you can partially restore your Nokia 6 back to its initial state is the hard reset operation. Thus, as you can already tell, during the following lines I will detail the hard reset / factory reset process for you.

Make sure you read everything that’s mentioned in this tutorial. You will learn why you should consider in initiating a hard reset, when it is recommended to perform this operation, how to prepare your smartphone and how to actually complete the wiping operation.

Yes; the hard reset means wiping everything that’s not installed by default on your Nokia 6. So, we are talking about contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, EFS, IMEI / NVRAM data and so on. Everything will be erased and your phone will eventually run only on pre-loaded apps, features and bloatware. That’s why this operation will partially restore your device back to stock – a full restore can be obtained only if you choose to reinstall the stock Android firmware.

So, why should you choose to make a hard reset on your Nokia 6? Because you can free-up some space in order to speed-up the Android system – certain apps and processes can slow down your device. The hard reset can help you secure your files (yes, that’s right) if you plan to sell your smartphone to a strange person – in that case a backup must be applied previously. Additionally, the hard reset will be required if you will want to apply certain tweaking methods such as flashing custom ROMs – a custom / unofficial Android software can be installed only if the storage system was previously cleared.

And, of course, the most important aspect: the hard reset / factory reset can help you troubleshoot the most common Android software related issues that might cause malfunctions on your Nokia 6. In most situations by applying a hard reset you can stop unresponsive programs, you can remove malware and get rid of malicious apps. As a result you can address boot loops, lags, bugs, hangs, screen freeze, battery drain, heating situations, signal strength problems, total blackouts and more.

Of course, the wiping aspect still remains on your mind, regardless of the advantages that are mentioned here. Therefore, a backup is not optional in this case. Thus, before starting the hard reset you must secure your personal data, info, accounts and files. This process can be done easily by using different methods: you can just use built-in cloud storage services (pre-loaded by Nokia or by your carrier), you can sync your files with your Google Account, or you can access the Google Play store and download compatible backup and restore apps – in that last scenario make sure you get only already tested backup and restore tools in order to avoid further problems.

Applying the hard reset will be an official process, supported by Nokia and by Google. This operation is featured by default so it can be anytime initiated, regardless of the state in which your Nokia 6 is found – the steps from below will work even if your phone is rooted or tweaked in any other way (running on an unlocked bootloader, installed with a custom recovery image, flashed with a custom ROM firmware and so on). Bottom line, you don’t have to use third party tools in order to complete this step by step guide and you won’t lose your phone’s warranty while taking care of the following steps.

Only one thing must be checked first: the battery power that’s left. If the power is too low your Nokia 6 can get turned off right while you try to complete the factory reset. Unfortunately, a switch off can cause different malfunctions so you can end up in soft bricking your device. That’s why, if the power left is currently lower than 50%, I recommend you to charge your Nokia 6 before doing anything else.

And, of course, make sure you use this tutorial only if you own the already mentioned Android based device – otherwise you will only manage to mess things up.

How to Easily and Safely Hard Reset the Nokia 6

Method 1

  1. This first solution can be applied only by using the Volume Down / Up and Power buttons from your device.
  2. Also, in order to begin this process, first you must power off your handset – press and hold the Power button for a few seconds or press the Power key and select “power off”.
  3. Wait while the power off process is being completed.
  4. Next, press and hold (at the same time) the Volume Down and the Power key for a few moments.
  5. When the Android Logo will be displayed on your phone release the Power button but keep holding the Volume Down key.
  6. From the menu that will be displayed highlight and choose Recovery. Use the Volume rocker keys for scrolling up and down and the Power button to select.
  7. Once more, when the Android Logo appears press and hold the Power button.
  8. While holding down the Power button press and release the Volume UP key.
  9. Good; now recovery mode will be displayed on your Nokia 6.
  10. From there select “wipe data factory reset”.
  11. Optional, you can also choose “wipe cache partition” followed by “wipe dalvik cache” – in this way you can also clear app data cache.
  12. When done, return to main menu of recovery and pick “reboot system now”.

Method 2

  1. This second solution will use built-in settings, so your device must be turned on right from the start.
  2. Thus, begin by tapping on Menu and choosing Settings.
  3. From general Settings access the Backup & Reset option.
  4. Under Backup & Reset tap on the Reset Device field.
  5. You need to pick Erase Everything if you are ready to initiate the factory reset.
  6. Agree with the alerts and enter the security code if that’s required.
  7. Afterwards, just wait while the wiping operation is being completed.
  8. In the end, you can reboot your device.
  9. Done.


There you have it; that’s how you can hard reset the Nokia 6. If you have problems while trying to apply the steps that are explained above, don’t hesitate and let us know – you can do that easily by using the comments field from down below. Also, share how everything worked for you with the other users who might be interested in using this step by step tutorial. Enjoy and stay close for further tips and tutorials available for your brand new Nokia 6.