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How to Improve Android Tablets Battery Life and Speed

In an era where technology is evolving at a fast paced rate we should have already seen a battery that has an improved life span and that could last for more than one day if we use our devices more often. I’m tired of charging my phone/tablet on a daily basis even if I don’t use it much. I’m going to focus on Android 2.3- Tablets as their battery life is miserable even if you use them or not, compared to the iPad which can stay in idle mode for more than a week and this is achieved through software alone.

The battery life on Android 2.3 and earlier Tablets tends to get on the low side because of a bunch of services that are built into the Android OS which run in the background despite the fact that they are not needed. Let me show you how to improve the battery life and the speed of your Android 2.3- Tablet:

  • In order for this to work, you need to root your Tablet and be wary of the word “Tablet” because this method won’t work the same on a Phone or it won’t work at all because the services we mentioned earlier are phone related and could be of great importance and you might end up crying by your phone and asking “why did I do this?”.
  • This is not 100% safe for your Android Tablet neither so keep in mind that you are doing this at your own risk.
  1. First of all you need to install File Expert on your tablet and then run it with Superuser permissions.
  2. Go to Menu > Settings > File Explorer Settings and enable Root Explorer.
  3. Access the /data/data folder in your device and look for com.android.phone; once located, tap and hold on it and select File Operations > Delete.
  4. Now go to the system/app folder, press the Menu button and select Mount > Mount as Read Write.
  5. Look for the Phone.apk file, tap and hold it, then select File Operations > Delete.
  6. Power off and restart your tablet.

Now your Android Tablet’s battery should last longer and the device should boot and work slightly faster because there are no more useless services running in the background, sucking your battery life even when the device is on idle.