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How to Improve Battery Life and Charge Speed on Samsung Nexus [path included]

Battery life is always an issue on smartphones nowadays, and the Android phones make no exception to this unfortunate rule. Every drop of energy you can save from tweaks and optimizations is welcome, and we present you a great workaround for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. A patch download link for your PC, it adds on the kernel, and it is designed to improve software procedures affecting the battery life and your Samsung Android device as well as boost charge time for a faster refill.

[Download battery life improver and fast charge patch]

This is not an official path or firmware update from Samsung or Google (Android developer), it is a third party soft – if you will – but presents no harm.  The kernel contained in this patch will enable fast charge for your Android battery with a toggle option. It also works, in theory, in conjuction with the MHL, but it will most probably by limited, physically, by the adapter itself. Still, most people nowadays plug in their Samsung Nexus to the PC/laptop anyway, more often that with the AC/DC adapter.

NOTE: In Windows, when you toggle the fast charge option, the soft may be affected by a typical Windows “force close / end” error. This is normal, do not bother yourself about it.

When running a kernel with this patch applied, there is an application you still have to use to enable the Force AC charging called Incredicontrol. For more details on this please follow  the Source link. So, if you are a developer, we hope that you will make use of this kernel for normal consumers and just in case if you are a consumer then we will surely keep an eye on this story and as in when it arrives we will surely come up with a  more detailed article. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus really needed a solution to tweak battery charge time via USB.

Will this method be extended and further developed to serve other Android devices as well? Can’t be said at this point of time, but feel certain that Android.gs is the place to find out once more battery improvement solutions come up.

In case you missed it, here is a link for downloading the patch to improve battey life and charge speed on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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