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How to increase Samsung Galaxy Ace battery lifetime

Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with a 1,350 mAh battery which doesn’t have a very long lifetime, though it can be easily increased by following some usage guidelines. The Samsung Galaxy Ace has been released in January 2011 and features a 800 Mhz processor, 158 MB of internal storage, expandable to 32GB through the microSD card slot, 278 MB of RAM, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g, comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, along with the TouchWiz 3.0 UI.

It’s 3.5-inch display can drain battery pretty fast, along with its CPU, especially if you keep it on for a long time or play on it. Powerful apps and games can drain battery extremely fast, so it can only last a few hours. But if you follow our guidelines, you can notice a significant increase in the Galaxy Ace battery lifetime.

How to smart charge the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

The way you charge your device is very important and can influence the battery lifetime. You have to charge it until it’s full and then remove the charger. If you don’t do this, the battery health might also be affected and it’s lifetime will start getting lower day by day.

Your Galaxy Ace should charge completely in about 2 hours and we do not recommend keeping it plugged-in after it’s fully charged.

It also depends what charger you use for charging the Galaxy Ace. You should always use a genuine charger and never use chargers created for other devices or very cheap ones, because they will damage your smartphone.

Galaxy Ace battery maintenance

While your battery lifetime is pretty good while its new, it will get lower day by day and it depends on you to keep it healthy.

If you follow our guidelines, we guarantee that your battery will have a very good lifetime after continued use and you won’t notice any difference even after one year. You shouldn’t pull out your battery very often because the pins might get damaged and it won’t get charged as it should. It might also get so damaged that it won’t work at all.

You should also clean the battery pins once in a couple of month and we recommend you to use a dry cloth, without rubbing them very hard. If you have to change your Samsung Galaxy Ace battery, always buy an original Samsung battery because they will last longer, charge faster and you will have a better experience with it.

Keep the battery compartment empty and never add any other objects in them because the battery usually heats when in use and the objects might melt.

Setting up your Galaxy Ace to save battery

The Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with a lot of features, like 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, which drain battery very fast while running, so you should only use them when you need them. The worst of them all is 3G, which can drain your battery in a few hours by itself and you should only keep it on while surfing the internet or using any app that requires a high speed connection. If you don’t need to get push notifications for emails or any other communication app, we recommend that you keep your phone on a 2G connection and data deactivated. You should only activate it when you need it. But if you really need to get push notifications fast, you should keep your data on 2G, because it’s enough for a couple of emails. To switch between 3G and 2G go to Home > Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network >Mobile Networks > Network Mode and choose “GSM only”.

WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS can also drain battery while running, so you should turn them off when you don’t need them.

If you decide to keep your data activated, take care how apps deal with it. You shouldn’t allow the apps to sync very often, because this can drain your battery really fast. Try to setup the sync options for every app to run as rarely as possible, depending on your needs.

The display also drains a lot of battery while turned on and it also depends on its brightness. You can choose to either set the brightness on auto or lower it manually. You can change your Galaxy Ace display brightness by going to Home > Applications > Settings > Sound and Display > Brightness.

Live wallpapers use a lot of resources and, along with slowing down your smartphone, they help draining the battery faster. If you really care about your battery, you should disable them immediately and use a simple one instead. It’s also recommended to use a darker one, because brighter ones will make the display use more battery.

If you like flashing kernels and ROMs, then you should try searching for a kernel that’s better at saving battery life. The kernel is very important and can make a really big difference, so give them a try and you might be very satisfied with one of them.

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