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How to increase Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 comes with a 3,100 mAh battery, which offers it a pretty decent battery life, though it can always be improved if you know how to use it, charge it and set it up.

In this guide I am going to teach you increase your Galaxy Note 2’s battery life significantly by doing only some basic things that don’t require any advanced skills.

While the device comes with a huge battery, its hardware is very powerful and it can drain it quite fast, especially while being used intensively. Biggest battery drainers are the CPU, display  and 3G/4G and considering that it has a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display along with a 1.6Ghz quad-core processor, you need to be careful.

The Galaxy Note 2 also features GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, Glonass, and NFC, which also drain battery while active.

How to smart charge the Galaxy Note 2 battery

The way you charge your device is very important and it can affect your battery life a lot. Charging it wrong will make it drain quickly and the battery will also last less, requiring a replacement after 1-2 years of use.

To smart charge the Galaxy Note 2, you have to only plug it in when the battery is below the 10% level and never unplug it until it is 100% charged.

You should also know that when your battery reaches 10%, it will last longer than usual. To understand better, it will drain much slower from 10% to 0% than from 20% to 10%. So don’t panic if your battery level is low, because it can hold for a very long time, especially in standby mode.

Never use low quality chargers, because they can damage your battery hand even the device. Only use original Galaxy Note 2 chargers and try not to use the USB cable for charging your device. Always charge it in the wall socket, because the USB port power fluctuates and can damage the battery. Also it will charge much slower.

Battery maintenance

Usually the battery is the first smartphone component that dies, having a lower lifecycle. Though you can prevent this by taking care of it.

The best way to prevent it from getting damaged is to avoid pulling it from its socket. The battery has some golden pins that can scratch or get dusty, so if you pull it out and back in multiple times you can damage the pins.

In order to help the battery work the way it should, always make sure to clean the pins with a soft cloth whenever you pull it out. This way you will keep dust away from them.

When buying a new Galaxy Note 2 battery, make sure to get an original one, as other might have a lower battery life and can have a shorter lifecycle.

Increase Galaxy Note battery life by disabling features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 comes with tons as features, like we just said at the beginning. But nearly all of them are big battery eaters and you need to be careful when activating them.

The CPU and display drain a lot of battery, so make sure to setup the display to turn off faster. Also don’t keep it turned on when you don’t need it.

3G and 4G are the biggest battery drainers on a smartphone. You should only keep the 3G or 4G network activated when you use the internet actively. If you really need a permanent internet connection, then go for 2G, though this eats your battery too. The best way is to only connect to the internet when you need it.

Do not keep the WiFi,Bluetooth and GPS activated when you don’t use them. They can drain your battery very fast even in idle mode, so make sure to disable them when you don’t need them anymore.

Live wallpapers are also big battery drainers. They consume a lot of CPU and RAM resources and also use your display more intensively. So you should never choose a live wallpaper. The most battery-friendly wallpaper is a dark one, which doesn’t use any CPU resources and also doesn’t requires the display to be very bright.

You also have to take care what apps you install and always look at Settings > battery to see who drains the most battery. There are some apps than run continuously and prevent your device from getting into “Deep Sleep.” This is the standby mode that helps the device conserve very much energy. If an app prevents it from getting into this mode, you will notice a very low battery life.

Please let us know if you found other ways to increase the Galaxy Note 2 battery life. We are also curious for how long did you manage to get your device running between charges.

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  • paresh

    Thank you so much for your information.

  • doe jon

    thx nice artikle 🙂

    • low

      I have proof that letting LI-PO battery go below 10% is OK. My O2 Atom phone bought in 2004 is still running today where the battery is still the original battery. Although it recently only show power draining fast (1 day, previously 1 day plus, new that time 2 days plus), i would say my way of charging phone is optimal for LI-PO battery and I’m going to do that with my new NOTE 3 phone. haha, dont care what others are saying about bad for LI-PO to drop below 10%. I have proof ok for about 10 years. anyone want any photo for proof? hehe.

  • Steven Hunt

    Thank you for this information… It’s been extremely helpful. However, I would like to know if the first charge should be the longest and for how long that charge should be.

    • AceStar

      It doesn’t matter too much. Don’t let it get too flat (discharged) though.

      Note that the phone will stop charging when it gets to 100% charge so no need to worry about time left on the charger.

      • surya rajesh Vasamsetty

        Hi acestar,
        Recently i bought note 2..Even my friend also used note 2 and he bought around 4 months back..My battery backup is very poor and its coming only 12hours backup..
        No games , not much apps only office mail sync daily 100 mails only..My frd using games ,Videos and calls ,mail sync and his getting 26h to 30 hours ..Pl suggest on this and have tried hard reset also..Thanks in advance

        • Guest

          i really fed-up with note2 for battery drain issue. i need to charge daily wises for less usage ..If still problem will persist i wil sale this fff note 2 and going to back Iphone..

        • surya rajesh Vasamsetty

          i really fed-up with Note 2 for battery drain issue. i need to charge daily wises for less usage ..If still problem will persist i will sale this fff note 2 and going to back Iphone..

  • Dader

    I red in a website that u should recharge the battery before beyond half capacity (before reaching 49%) because it will increase battery heat which will impact future overall battery life, and now i am confused between your statments & battery university website statments :-$

    • BWin

      If you do that, your battery will eventually not know how to hold a charge properly. It’ll erode to the point that it operates as though 49% is 0% charge and will turn off. You should let the phone run down to below 10% (or even until it dies) and then charge it fully for optimum performance

      • AceStar

        This is a myth, and it’s wrong.

        • Leo LaPort of The Tech Guy show puts it this way.. You get a certain number of charges.. let’s say 500. if you let your phone go to zero that gives you 500 charges and then degradation of battery, but if you try to plug it in when it’s even at 90 percent, well then you have used only 10 percent of a 100 therefore have 499.9 battery life and you saved it from using an entire cycle. Some geeks buy my home who work at Blizzard constantly have their phone plugged in.. either at the office, and in the car even for a short trip.. that’s overkill! just like the killing games they create!

      • FknTwizted

        lithium ion technology doesn’t work on memory it works off of x charges. The more times you charge it the faster the battery will need to be replaced. So the only reason for you to “condition” the battery is to allow your device in this case your note 2 to recognize what 100% and 0% is hence the reason you get a longer charge out of “condiditining” your battery in reality your condiditnoing your phone.

    • AceStar

      Battery university is correct, this site is wrong. Discharging to below 10% all the time is bad advice as the further you discharge it, the more it will reduce your battery longevity. Doing it occasionally is not too bad though.

      Let’s say the battery lasts 200 charge cycles before noticeable degradation if you discharge it down to 5%. I may last 500 charge cycles before noticeable degradation if you discharge it only down to 25%. Estimates only, of course.

      • les

        I’m no expert, but in my very limited experience, the writer is right. I usually get the hand me downs in phones in my family because I’m a simple gal. My hubby gave my daughter his razor, who gave it to me when she got a new phone, and before that I had a very cheap $20 phone. My phones, even as the third hands to get the family razor, have always lasted about 5 days between charges consistently, and I’ve had each one about three to four years. I charged them full and ran them down til they turned off. All this time, my hubby and kids charged their phones nightly and ran out of charge very very quickly. I treat my phone like my laptop, which has the same result. Now with my Galaxy Note 2, after rooting and removing unnecessary and unwanted apps, my phone lasts about 2.5 days. Fully charged to almost empty.

        This method works for me.

        • mmj

          What you have written in your comment above does not prove that you are correct, it only proves that you haven’t tested it both ways in a controlled environment and you haven’t looked up real information on lithium ion batteries.

          I’d certainly encourage you to read up on the matter so you can see how to prolong the life of your lithium ion batteries.

          In particularly, running the down until they turn off is the worst thing you can do to a lithium ion battery. Expect a noticeable loss in capacity after only around 150-200 recharges if you do that – less if you leave the battery discharged for any significant length of time.

          • s

            mmj, I think you speak from NO experience and you’re just repeating what others keep saying. I have an old Sony phone (now almost 6 years old) that I used to use almost daily to listen to music (MP3) and would ALWAYS use it until the battery is completely drained (shut off) and guess what? After over 4 years of this use the battery still gives me the same time of usage (8 hours and 15 min). And although I don’t use that phone any more the battery is still working and the last time I tried it, it again gave me 8 hrs and 15 mins, even though it’s old and like I said I used to drain it all the way for years. So,…

      • DO Travy Trav

        this author is completely incorrect about maximizing battery life. In order to maximize battery lifetime, you should never go below 40%. Also charging to only 95% would result in longer battery lifetime. Every 3 or 4 months it is okay to discharge the battery to around 10% in order to recalibrate its charge remaining status. Do not follow the author of this article’s advice, as your battery will be very short-lived if you do. Utilizing the suggestive techniques in this paragraph could result in battery life of up to five years without problem.

        • AceStar

          You are correct, but I think it’s putting it a bit strongly to say “never” go under 40%. You should avoid going too far below 10% as much as possible, but if you do it occasionally, and recharge quickly, it’s not that bad.

          The main point is that the deliberate full discharging (to <10% charge), if done regularly, is doing quite a lot of unnecessary harm to the battery and that comes from bad advice.

          Your 40% figure may come from the manufacturer's recommended charge level for long term storage – because Li-Ion lasts longest when at a mid-point of its charge level and far away from the dangerous <10% levels.

        • Alvindarjit Singh

          I agree with DO Travy Trav. I recharged it whenever i had a power socket with me, and the battery level was somewhat below 50%. My battery lasted a good 5 years.
          Thank you.

      • Omar Ben Sassi

        the note 2 Battery is li-ION not LI-PO…
        the ion must be charged when it reach between 10 and 15%

        the li-PO need te be charged before the charge is below 30%

  • my battery sucked off in 5 hours it is charging upto 55% plzz guide me and provide me a solution

    • zach

      Me too!

  • zach

    How long does it take to charge!;) from wall

    • Rin

      3-4 hrs from 10%. But lately, I have problem charging my Note 2. It took 7 hrs to charge 100% 🙁

      • AceStar

        Check condition of charger and cable. The charger signals to the phone to do a fast charge through the data pins and also the shielding (earthed at both ends of cable). If phone doesn’t get that signal or the data pins or shield aren’t conducting correctly it’ll slow down to a 1amp or 0.3amp charge. From the 7 hour figure it sounds like it’s doing a 0.3 amp charge, which is what it defaults to if it doesn’t get a signal otherwise. For example charging from a USB port on a computer will charge at this rate.

        Some cheap cables will prevent the phone getting the fast charge signal.

    • AceStar

      Using supplied charger it should be about 3 hours. Using a generic 1 amp charger should be 3 to 4 hours. Using USB port on a computer should be 8 or 9 hours.

      Note that when using a fast (1 amp or more) charger, it will charge very quickly up to about 80% full, then charge more slowly the rest. If you can’t wait for it to finish charging it’s perfectly fine to disconnect it once it reaches 80%. This should happen in about 1 hour with the supplied charger.

  • Can no one spell anymore!?

  • Ashley

    The is a widget called Active Applications. Add the widget on a page, you can stop active applications when they are not in use. It is like an application killer. This will reduce ram and cpu usage and save battery usage.

  • anthony

    thanks a lot you tips were really good and useful

  • Navneet Motreja

    I bought the Note ll a week ago!! Amazing phone I must say! As you rightly pointed out, the battery life is pretty amazing for a smartphone if you use it well. I get 24-36 hours on moderate use! I have already applied most of your tips. But I’m sure once I also apply the suggestions of turning off wifi when not in use, I can further push the battery up to bout 40 hours I hope! Cheers…

    • jwood

      Same. Mine is about a week old and i get no more than 36 hours out of it

    • AceStar

      Don’t underestimate the role that screen brightness plays – even the difference between the darkest setting and a medium-dark setting can make hours of difference in terms of battery life.

  • sid

    i bought note-2 4 days ago and I am trying to charge its been around 8 or more hrs bt its stil charged 17% through wall sockey not computer wat should i do….???

    • AceStar

      Check charger and cable are undamaged and the original charger and cable that came with the phone. Sounds like there is something wrong though.

  • amazing , it really works on my phone and it is helpful thanks

  • anish

    from one week my note 2 is battery draining very fast . if i put in standby also it is draining so fast.
    please help me pls give a idea about battary

    • AceStar

      Battery drain in standby is surprisingly fast with this phone. That said, keep an eye on the battery stats to see what applications are using CPU in the background or using excessive “keep awake” time.

      • Sunny

        I would differ. Battery drain in standby isnt surprisingly fast on this phone. 14 hours on from full charge, I’m only down to 93%. It depends on what process is running in the background and sucking the juice. Use an app like greenify to freeze unwanted processes when the phone is in standby. You’ll be surprised how much more mileage you can get out of your Note 2. 😉

        • AceStar

          It probably also depends a lot on your network. You’ll get a lot more standby drain on 3G than on Wifi, and even more if your 3G signal is somewhat weak. It can also depend on the way your carrier has configured their network.

          Plus there’s Google’s location services which can have relatively high drain on Android 4.1 if you have wifi/cell location enabled.

        • jeet01

          i have note 2 and i have done a lots of research regarding how to extend your smartphone battery life finally i found dats always use orginal charger with box pack device dats are ok tested and make charge when battery level is below 10% until it get fully charged 100 % for long lasting battery life without any doubt am getting 32 to 36 hours performence and finally use battery doctor app. to to kill your unwanted apps to maximize your device performence

      • Sunny

        But I agree that letting a li-po battery drain below 10% is a bad practice. It’ll take hundreds of cycles off the battery’s good life. This site is spreading bollocks. One should never do that to their li-po batteries. Charge it midway or the lowest you should go is like 25-30%.

  • Secuono

    How long is the charge from a new buy? Manuals used to mention how long the first charge takes, but my new phone doesn’t mention anything. How long do I have to leave it plugged before the new battery is fully charged?? It looks like it came half charged, btw.

    • AceStar

      Using the supplied charger you should be able to charge from near empty to full in about 3 hours. Using a generic 1amp charger raises this to 3 to 4 hours, and using a USB port from a computer raises this to 8 to 9 hours.

      There’s no need to give it an initial charge before you can use it. Just keep in mind that the battery doesn’t reach its full potential until one or two charge cycles – which do not have to be full charge cycles.

  • Aslam

    I have a problem with my Galaxy Note II: often the screen never goes to standby, but it’s still on. I activated the “standby smart” option, but the issue is present with the option disactivated too…
    This problem does not always present, sometimes if I reboot the device standby works normally.
    I am using the latest firmware available for my device: N7100XXALJ1.
    You think is it a hardware or software problem?


    • AceStar

      There’s probably a misbehaving app keeping it awake.

      Keeping the “smart stay” option turned off is also a better idea, as it also drains battery.

  • AceStar

    “To smart charge the Galaxy Note 2, you have to only plug it in when the battery is below the 10% level and never unplug it until it is 100% charged.”

    Sorry, you’ve been fed lies about battery maintenance. This is just about the worst thing you can do for the battery.

    It’s people reporting this kind of advice without actually checking the facts that causes this kind of myth to spread.

    Lithium ion batteries will last longer and retain more charge over time if you start recharging sooner, before they get too low. It is also not imperative to charge them fully to 100% and should you happen to take them off the charger before they reach 100% (ie, do a small top-up charge) it will result in better longevity of the battery.

  • j.kipplinger

    The “smart charge” suggestion in this article is entirely false. a battery maintained at full, or as close as possible will out live any battery that is allowed to discharge fully repeatedly. A count of possible charge cycles is depended on DoD (Depth of Discharge) a battery that only drains to 10% DoD will last thousands of charge cycles while a 90% DOD will only last for 400-ish. The lowest you should ever want to discharge a battery is 50%

    this is true no matter if you are using L-ion, alkaline, AGM or lead acid.

  • Stojance

    My battery was 25% at 1am and in 9am it was 0 :/

    • Stojance

      And I wasn’t even using it

  • surya rajesh Vasamsetty

    Hi acestar,
    Recently i bought note 2..Even my friend also used note 2 and he bought around 4 months back..My battery backup is very poor and its coming only 12hours backup..
    No games , not much apps only office mail sync daily 100 mails only..My frd using games ,Videos and calls ,mail sync and his getting 26h to 30 hours ..Pl suggest on this and have tried hard reset also..Thanks in advance .i really fed-up with Note 2 for battery drain issue. i need to charge daily wises for less usage ..If still problem will persist i will sale this fff note 2 and going to back Iphone..

    • FknTwizted

      have you checked your service signal? I notice drains like that when i either am in a poor service area where either I’m fighting to get a signal or i go from one to another i.e. 3g to 4g or no service to service. Others are wifi vs service and screen brightness.

  • kathy

    Hi acestar, i would like to ask if it is necessary to turn off the phone while charging? Is it a big no no to use ur phone while charging?

    • AceStar

      Its not a huge problem to use it while charging. You definitely don’t need to turn it off. If the battery is extremely low such as when you accidentally fully drained it, or on its first charge when you bought it, it’s good not to use it until the charge is around mid range. This is just because heavy use of the battery when it is really low on charge is theoretically not great.

  • Sunny

    Stop spreading bollocks,dude! We are not living in the age of Ni-CD batteries anymore. What you are calling smart charge is actually “dumb” charge. It’ll kill your li-po battery much sooner than it’s intended useful life. Never let a li-po battery drain below 25-30%. Charge it when it reaches anywhere below 50% if you can, but absolutely dont let it go below 20%.

    • Omar Ben Sassi

      the note 2 Battery is li-ION not LI-PO…

      you must know that the ion must be charged when it reach between 10 and 15%

      the li-PO need te be charged before the charge is below 30%

  • Lâm Xung N

    You also can leave it at a ” Plane Mode ” it save your battery even more.