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How to increase Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 comes with a 3,100 mAh battery, which offers it a pretty decent battery life, though it can always be improved if you know how to use it, charge it and set it up.

In this guide I am going to teach you increase your Galaxy Note 2’s battery life significantly by doing only some basic things that don’t require any advanced skills.

While the device comes with a huge battery, its hardware is very powerful and it can drain it quite fast, especially while being used intensively. Biggest battery drainers are the CPU, display  and 3G/4G and considering that it has a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display along with a 1.6Ghz quad-core processor, you need to be careful.

The Galaxy Note 2 also features GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, Glonass, and NFC, which also drain battery while active.

How to smart charge the Galaxy Note 2 battery

The way you charge your device is very important and it can affect your battery life a lot. Charging it wrong will make it drain quickly and the battery will also last less, requiring a replacement after 1-2 years of use.

To smart charge the Galaxy Note 2, you have to only plug it in when the battery is below the 10% level and never unplug it until it is 100% charged.

You should also know that when your battery reaches 10%, it will last longer than usual. To understand better, it will drain much slower from 10% to 0% than from 20% to 10%. So don’t panic if your battery level is low, because it can hold for a very long time, especially in standby mode.

Never use low quality chargers, because they can damage your battery hand even the device. Only use original Galaxy Note 2 chargers and try not to use the USB cable for charging your device. Always charge it in the wall socket, because the USB port power fluctuates and can damage the battery. Also it will charge much slower.

Battery maintenance

Usually the battery is the first smartphone component that dies, having a lower lifecycle. Though you can prevent this by taking care of it.

The best way to prevent it from getting damaged is to avoid pulling it from its socket. The battery has some golden pins that can scratch or get dusty, so if you pull it out and back in multiple times you can damage the pins.

In order to help the battery work the way it should, always make sure to clean the pins with a soft cloth whenever you pull it out. This way you will keep dust away from them.

When buying a new Galaxy Note 2 battery, make sure to get an original one, as other might have a lower battery life and can have a shorter lifecycle.

Increase Galaxy Note battery life by disabling features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 comes with tons as features, like we just said at the beginning. But nearly all of them are big battery eaters and you need to be careful when activating them.

The CPU and display drain a lot of battery, so make sure to setup the display to turn off faster. Also don’t keep it turned on when you don’t need it.

3G and 4G are the biggest battery drainers on a smartphone. You should only keep the 3G or 4G network activated when you use the internet actively. If you really need a permanent internet connection, then go for 2G, though this eats your battery too. The best way is to only connect to the internet when you need it.

Do not keep the WiFi,Bluetooth and GPS activated when you don’t use them. They can drain your battery very fast even in idle mode, so make sure to disable them when you don’t need them anymore.

Live wallpapers are also big battery drainers. They consume a lot of CPU and RAM resources and also use your display more intensively. So you should never choose a live wallpaper. The most battery-friendly wallpaper is a dark one, which doesn’t use any CPU resources and also doesn’t requires the display to be very bright.

You also have to take care what apps you install and always look at Settings > battery to see who drains the most battery. There are some apps than run continuously and prevent your device from getting into “Deep Sleep.” This is the standby mode that helps the device conserve very much energy. If an app prevents it from getting into this mode, you will notice a very low battery life.

Please let us know if you found other ways to increase the Galaxy Note 2 battery life. We are also curious for how long did you manage to get your device running between charges.

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