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How to increase the HTC One X battery lifetime

HTC One X is probably the most powerful smartphone on the market right now and it comes with a non-removable battery, so it cannot be extended or exchanged with a backup one. Also due to the powerful quad-core CPU, it has a pretty short battery lifetime, but it can be extended if you follow our tips and tricks.

There are some settings that can improve your battery lifetime by a few hours of use and many more of standby. If you disable background data and apps or lower their frequency, use the power adapter instead the USB to charge the device, turn off the device when in standby, turn off bluetooth, WiFi and data, disable 3G or 4G when not needed and use 2G instead, your HTC One X battery life will increase significantly.

Background data and Sync 

Background data and sync can use a lot of battery and also data. This is probably the biggest battery drainer, especially if you have many apps running in the background. Data, especially 3G and 4G, drain the battery very fast, so it’s recommended not to let apps use data in background very often. Make sure to setup sync to run more rare or even do it manually if you don’t need it automatically.

Power adapter instead of the USB cable

The HTC One X charges more slowly using the USB cable, so it’s recommended to use the power adapter instead. Also some tests showed that the battery might drain faster if charged using the USB cable. The USB cable should only be used for charging when a wall socket is not available.

Turn off the display when in idle mode

The HTC One X features a pretty big display and it can drain battery very fast if kept turned on for a long time. By default it turns off its display after one minute, which is a pretty long time and we suggest to set it to 30 seconds at most, because it wouldn’t make any sense to stay on longer. If you take a look at the battery usage you will notice that the display uses a lot, so this setting might save you some time.

Use 2G instead of 3G and 4G

The GSM network uses less battery than 3G or 4G and its recommended to keep it this way when you don’t need the data connection. When you disable your data connection you should also switch to the 2G GSM network. Continuous 3G or 4G usage can drain the entire battery in just a few hours, so you should really take care with it.

3G and 4G is only needed for the internet connection, so there isn’t any reason to keep it on when you don’t need it. To disable 3G and 4G internet connections go to Mobile Network -> Network Mode and check GSM Only.

Other tips to increase the HTC One X battery lifetime

Fortunately the HTC One X is able to run many apps simultaneously, along with many widgets on your homescreens, but please note that they all drain its battery. Widgets drain battery because they use the CPU and some even use the data connection to update.

To see what’s draining your battery you should go to Settings -> Power -> Battery use. You will find there which apps or processes drain the battery most and you can close them or adjust their settings to lower the usage.

If you’ve read this guide carefully and adjust the settings like we said, you will see a much longer battery lifetime on your HTC One X. Please let us know how long did you manage yo increase your HTC One X battery lifetime.

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