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How to install CyanogenMod’s cLock APK for any Android 4.2 phone and tablet devices

The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ROM brings numerous new features as the Clock app, but this lacks some functions. That is why the CM team created their own ‘clock’ app named ‘cLock’ for you to benefit from tons of other options. Read this tutorial and you will learn how to install the cLock APK for any device that runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS.

cLock of CM allows you to display weather, alarm info and scroll entire lists of events from your Calendar or even change the clock layout. Here’s a list of the most important features of cLock:

  • It packs support for adding it as a widget to both your Home and Lock screens.
  • Choose between the Digital or Analog clock interface.
  • Enable Alarms being displayed with the clock.
  • Weather info via Yahoo! weather.
  • Edit the font from bold / normal and back for Date, Alarm and Digital Clock.
  • Colored or monochromed Weather icons can be set.
  • A minimized weather widget can be used for the Lock screen.
  • Calendar menu will show a scrollable list of your most important upcoming events.
  • If you press an event then you will see that the Calendar will open up right on the selected event’s date.
  • Change the default color for all the text in all menus.
  • works with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ROMs.
  • it can be installed either by sideloading it or by simply install it using the APK file.

Now that you know all that this clock app you should start its installation process.

Note that in case you’re running the a ROM that is based on CM 10.1 then you don’t have to install this APK as it is already included in the OS.

How to install the CM cLock for any Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ROM:

  1. Download the cLock APK from HERE. If the download link doesn’t work than you can check the info on the developer’s XDA thread here.
  2. Move the cLock APK file to your Android 4.2 device.
  3. Make sure that the ‘Unknown sources’ option is enabled in the Security menu. This will allow you to install any apps directly from your device’s SD card.
  4. Use your device’s file manager to browse the SD card. Find and select the cLock APK for installation.
  5. Confirm that you want to complete the install. Wait a few seconds and then the application should be installed completely.
  6. That is it, you’ve managed to install the cLock APK for Andoid 4.2 devices.

Now that you’ve managed to install the cLock app you should also learn how to set its widget on your home or lock screen: you simply have to open the widget menu and select it to appear on your device. For the lock screen you simply have to swipe to the left when the phone is locked and then press the Plus button. Select cLock app from the widgets lists and that should be all that you had to do.

These were all the steps that you had to take. Now you can test the new feature of your smartphone. If you have any other questions, post them in the comments field below.