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How To Install CyanTablet 9, the Tablet UI for Samsung Galaxy S I9000

CyanTablet 9 For Galaxy S I9000

Team Inferno managed to create a working guide that will help users install the CyanTablet 9 and transform the Galaxy S I9000 into a tablet UI device. All the info that you need can be found in this article and if you wish to add a tablet user interface on your device then you should read the entire post and both, preparation and how-to, guides.

Galaxy S I9000 is one of the most customizable Android devices and the least brickable and that’s why the CyanTablet 9 created by Team Inferno is in fact a ICS ROM that looks exactly like a tablet user interface and from now on you will be able to tell your friends that you’re the proud owner of a tablet-like device. CyanTablet 9 has been launched by Team Inferno and it is based on CyanogenMod 9 which means that it should deliver one of the best ICS experiences for the SGS owners.

This new firmware that turns your device into a tablet will work only with the I9000 model number of Galaxy S and you shouldn’t attempt to install it on any other device. A not so great thing about this application is that the text and icons will appear very small because of the fact that the smartphone’s screen is small. The guide here and the CyanTablet 9 is destined to be used by those who are Android enthusiasts that wish to test their phones with new custom ROMs and see how the Galaxy S performs when running a tablet UI instead of its default Gingerbread interface.

Please note that you should continue applying the steps under the tutorial guide only if you’re an advanced Android user that knows his way around rooting, flashing updates and recovery menus. We cannot be held responsible in case something goes wrong and your device or files get corrupted. Here’s what you need to know before applying the changes and install the new CyanTablet 9 on your Gakaxy S device:

  • the instructions in the tutorial guide will wipe all the data currently stored on your device and, this means that you will need to create backups of your pictures, audio, video and other important files that you don’t wish to lose while installing CyanTablet 9 on your phone. Move the files on your phone’s internal /external SDcard as that part will remain untouched and no files will be wiping from it.
  • create backups of your applications, bookmarks and the Internet and MMS Settings, just in case you won’t be able to browse the web after the changes.
  • SMS text messages can be saved using the SMS Backup & Restore app for Android, while the Call Logs can be easily saved using this Android app here.
  • your Android Contacts can be saved and synced using the Gmail account. If you don’t know how to then you should read this guide here.
  • you need to remove the sim card lock. It can be done by opening Settings, then Location and Security and open Sim Card Lock where you need to clear the check box for this particular option.
  • your Samsung Galaxy S should run on the XXJW4 firmware. The guide for installing this firmware can be found here.
  • After you update the Galaxy S to XXJW4, you will then need to root it using this guide here.
  • make sure that your device battery power is over 75% so that it won’t discharge during the installation of the new CyanTablet 9 ICS ROM firmware.

NOTE: Those of you who already installed the Ice Cream Sandwich on their Galaxy S devices can skip the parts where they need to update to XXJW4 firmware and there is no need to root it, as it means that the phones are already meeting these requirements.

Only after you’ve read the above instructions you can move to the tutorial guide to learn how to properly install the tablet UI. Please read all the steps and make sure that you don’t skip any instructions as that might result in a failed attempt to install the new ROM for your device. Now that you know all this, I think that you’re free to move to the how to guide.

How to install tablet UI on your Samsung Galaxy S I9000 using CyanTablet 9 by TeamInferno:

  1. First thing we need is the latest ROM firmware for CyanTablet 9. Download its zip firmware from here.
  2. Now you need to download the Google Apps zip package from here. This file will need to be flashed and it will install the Gmail, Gtalk, Google Play Store, Calendar, Drive and all the other google applications that required for your phone to run correctly.
  3. Both files you’ve downloaded at step 1 and 2 need to be moved on your phone’s internal SD card.
  4. Power off your Galaxy S phone and wait until you feel the vibration and the capacitive lights are completely OFF.
  5. Now you need to boot into Clockworkmod Recovery. DO it by pressing and holding these three buttons: volume up, center home button and the Power button. Keep them pressed until the CWM recovery loads successfully.
  6. When in recovery mode, you will need to select ‘Wipe data/ factory reset’ and then confirm its actions.
  7. Select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and after that select ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Browse using the volume rocker keys and select the firmware zip file you’ve moved at step 3. Confirm the installation and then wait for it to complete.
  8. During the installation, your Galaxy S will restart and then continue to install the CyanTablet 9 ROM. Please note that in case it only reboot without doing nothing afterwards you will be forced to repeat the steps 6 and 7.
  9. When the ROM has successfully installed all its new custom files you will need to go back to the recovery main menu.
  10. Select again ‘install zip from sdcard’ and then ‘choose zip from sd card’ and select the gapps.zip file. Confirm its actions and wait until the Google apps package will successfully install all the files.
  11. After all the files have been installed you need to select the ‘reboot system now’ and this will restart the device. Wait until this first boot is complete. If the homescreen loads successfully and everything works without problems it means that the installation was a success and you are free to use your new tablet UI right on your Samsung Galaxy S.

If you notice something wrong and the CyanTablet 9 doesn’t work then you should re-read all the instructions and then repeat all the steps under the tutorial guide as you might’ve skipped one of them.

For any other questions please feel free to post them in our comments section.


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