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How to Install TWRP Recovery on the Huawei Honor 9

Most of the custom operations that can be applied on Android can be performed only if a custom recovery image can be booted. So, if you are about to start tweaking your new Huawei Honor 9, a good idea is to use this tutorial first in order to learn how to replace the stock recovery software with a custom recovery platform. So, this guide will teach you how to successfully install the TWRP recovery software on your Android based smartphone.

Of course, before heading towards the flashing steps from below, you must first read all the introductory guidelines – do that especially if you are a newbie who is trying to customize / optimize the Android system for the first time. By checking the introductory lines you can learn more about what to understand in terms of stock and custom recovery platforms, you can review the advantages and also the risks that are implied by this particular operation and you can also learn how to properly prepare your device for the TWRP recovery installation process.

From day one your Huawei Honor 9 is running with the stock recovery image. This is a dedicated environment that can be accessed if a special reboot process is followed and completed – by default, the recovery software cannot be accessed through built-in settings. Now, this special mode can help you access and also modify the stock Android skin. Thus, this mode represents the shortest path into tweaking your handset, as having access towards the Android platform means endless tweaking possibilities.

However, by using the stock recovery you can only apply official operations such as adb sideloading a new update, clearing app data cache or making a hard reset. The fun begins only after installing a custom recovery image, such as TWRP recovery. In that case you will finally succeed to gain full control over the Android OS, thus over your Huawei Honor 9. That’s why, by using TWRP recovery you will be able to: gain root access, flash custom kernels, apply custom MODs, update with custom ROMs, download and install apps from other sources than Google Play, remove bloatware, make Nandroid backups and so much more.

But replacing the stock recovery image with TWRP recovery isn’t an official operation. So, the steps from below are not provided by Huawei and cannot be associated in any manner with your OEM. That’s why you are by yourself – the worst part is that the warranty of your smartphone will get lost once you start the tweaking process. So, you have to be careful as if something bad will happen you will be by yourself – also, starting from now, taking your handset back to service will imply in paying for the technical assistance.

Your data is another reason for getting worry – if there aren’t precaution measure applied, you can end up in losing your personal data, info, accounts and files during the TWRP recovery flashing process. And that’s why making a backup on your Huawei Honor 9 is more than indicated in this situation. With a proper backup applied you can be sure that nothing bad can happen and that you will still be able to use your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, the EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data and everything else you might have saved on your smartphone.

For this process you will need to use a computer. From there you will be able to install TWRP recovery by using a dedicated adb command. Therefore, on your PC, the Android SDK toolkit must be installed – for the Windows platform you can use this tutorial while for MAC OS X / Linux you can use this tutorial instead. The Honor 9 Drivers must be also flashed on your PC before you actually start the steps from below.

On your phone you must have developer rights ensured – if Developer Options can be accessed on your phone, then you are good to go; if not, from About phone you need to tap repeatedly, for 7 or 10 times, on Built Number just until the ‘you are a developer’ prompt is displayed. And, afterwards, access the Developer Options (navigate within Menu – > Settings) and check the USB Debugging field.

Charge your smartphone if your phone is running out of power – without enough power left your handset can get switched off while the TWRP recovery software is installed; unfortunately if a power off happens you might end up in experiencing various software related problems on your device. Thus, be patient and plug in the charger if the power is lower than 50%.

Don’t forget one thing: installing TWRP recovery is possible only on an unlocked bootloader. So, before doing anything else learn how to unlock the Huawei Honor 9 bootloder.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on the Huawei Honor 9

  1. On the computer you are using download the TWRP recovery package for your Honor 9.
  2. You can get this file from here.
  3. Save the package on desktop and rename it into ‘recovery.img’.
  4. Then, transfer the custom recovery image within the Android SDK folder.
  5. Now, on your computer access the Android SDK folder, exactly where the recovery image is placed.
  6. Switch on your smartphone and connect it to your computer – just plug in the USB cord for establishing this connection.
  7. Next, on your computer, from the Android SDK folder, open a cmd window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space and then choose ‘open command prompt window here’.
  8. When ready, in this cmd window type: adb reboot bootloder.
  9. Your Honor 9 will be automatically rebooted into fastboot mode.
  10. Next, in the same cmd window enter: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img.
  11. Now the TWRP recovery image should be flashed on your phone.
  12. When done, remove the USB cord and reboot your device.
  13. In case you experience a boot loop, go to recovery and choose “wipe data factory reset” followed by “wipe cache partition”.
  14. Done.

Good work. TWRP recovery can be now rebooted on your Huawei Honor 9 – if you don’t know how to access the custom recovery image, don’t hesitate and use our dedicated step by step guide. So, that was all for now. Your smartphone should be now running on an unlocked bootloader and with a custom recovery installed. Therefore, your handset is now prepared for the root process – stay close as we will show you how to root the Honor 9 soon. Enjoy.