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How to Install WhatsApp on Your Tablet

WhatsApp has been designed for smartphones only, so you will not be allowed to install it on your Android tablet, unfortunately. But we do have a fix for that, so here you can learn how to install WhatsApp on your Android tablet.

There are two ways of doing it and it depends on you. The first method requires you to verify WhatsApp with your own phone number, which means you won’t be able to use WhatsApp with that phone number on another device. But we have a solution for that, which requires you to install an application that allows you to receive SMS messages on another number so you can activate WhatsApp on your tablet.

Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t work on two devices with the same phone number and there’s no way to go past that because of the protocol it’s using. Messages are sent directly from the sender to the receiver, so WhatsApp doesn’t save them. This means they can’t send the message to two different devices, because they delete the message once it’s been sent to the receiver.

Install WhatsApp on your tablet with your own phone number

This is the easiest method, but you won’t be able to use WhatsApp with this phone number on another device. If this is ok for you, then follow the tutorial, otherwise head over to the second tutorial.

First you will have to download the WhatsApp APK from our website here. It’s the official APK, so don’t worry about malware or something else, because we are very careful and we care about our users.

Once you download the WhatsApp APK, go to Settings > Security and check Unknown Sources, because otherwise your tablet won’t allow you to install the app. After you check the settings, go to Downloads and install WhatsApp. Once the app is installed, go back to Settings > Security and uncheck Unknown Sources, because it prevents apps downloaded from outside the Play Store to be installed on your smartphone.Enable Unknown Sources

Launch WhatsApp and when you’re asked for your phone number to verify it, enter a number that you’re using in a phone. Wait until you receive the SMS and enter the confirmation code in the application. Now you can use WhatsApp on your tablet without a problem.

Please note that if you’ll verify the same phone number on another device, it will stop working on the tablet. For the moment there is no method to bypass this, but we are investigating and we will let you know once we find a way.

Install WhatsApp on your tablet with textPlus

If you don’t have a spare phone number to activate WhatsApp, then you can use the textPlus app to do it. The downside is your friends won’t have you in their contact list, being an unknown phone number, so you will have to let them know this is you.

First of all you will have to download the WhatsApp APK, because you aren’t allowed to download the app directly from the Play Store. You can download the WhatsApp APK here. Now you have to enable Unknown Sources on your Android Tablet. You can find it in Settings > Security. After you enable it, go to Downloads and install the app. Then go back to Settings and disable the Unknown Sources, because it can be dangerous to leave it enabled.

Now you have to install the textPlus app, which allows you to send and receive SMS for free. Download the app directly from the Play Store here. Once you install it, send a SMS to your own phone number to find out the number textPlus gave to you.

After that launch WhatsApp and enter the textPlus phone number to verify it. Wait for the verification code to be received by textPlus and enter it in WhatsApp. Now you’re all set and you can use WhatsApp with your tablet and the new phone number.

Once everything is ready and WhatsApp is working, let your friends know this is your WhatsApp phone number and ask them to save it in their contact list as an alternative number for you.